Importance of Knowing Yourself and Building Blocks

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Importance Of Knowing Yourself And Building Blocks

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Knowing yourself:

Knowing oneself means to know what do you want in life, what is your passion, what is the thing that makes you happy and you feel joyful while doing it. To know yourself is to know about your strengths and weakness and how to utilize your positives and to overcome the negatives accordingly.

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For me, the components for life are happiness in what I do, having peace of mind, standing still in the storm of life whether it be big or small and having courage to face it. I don’t expect much from life, I try to be happy from what I get and try to improvise myself by learning from life’s ups and downs.

An individual’s attitude is one of the major behavioural component that plays a vital role in life. My attitude defines myself when it comes to knowing myself and coping in my day to day routine’s obstacles or hurdles. I am a person who is very sensitive when it comes to maintain relations. I don’t like to hurt anyone and nobody wishes to do so, but there are certain situations where you have to take some steps which will hurt others feelings even if it was unintended. One thing that I have learned is that you cannot make everyone happy because of the human nature. When there is one thing good for a person, the same thing can be bad for other.

Another major thing is self-respect. According to me self-respect is my beliefs and my way of living. What I believe is on the basis of my point of view but it is not necessary that others have the same vision as I do and I respect that as this is a human nature. Putting aside the ego, I keep myself to my limits which I personally feel that should not be crossed. Sometimes it happens when any situation occurs where I have to cross the line and take certain steps in order to change the thing which I don’t feel right but most of the times I try to avoid those kind of situations.

One of the most important element of myself in which I believe is that I am a friendly person who tries to be gentle with everyone as much as possible. But I felt that there was some change occurred in it that I was unaware of it. When I was in my native country I was able to maintain this but as I came to the outer world, I found that if you try be lenient to others then you will be used by others for their personal benefits. I have been in the situations like this where I did not wish to be ill-mannered but I had no choice. The same kind of situations raised many times and by the time I was possessed with another side of behaviours which I was unalarmed of. But this is how life is and I still try to stay from those kind of circumstances.

Another element that took a spot in my behaviour is ‘Ignorance’. As I mentioned before that I am a sensitive person in the matter of relations, I faced so many people who were just having an intention of hurting others in order to fulfill self aspiration. I was a victim of the same kind person too, not just one or twice but many times I faced their dominance and at that time I was unable to raise my voice as I had never faced this kind of people in my life. But as the time flew it taught me to take the stand for what you don’t feel right in order to make it right or at least make it ineffective to you. That was the time when I got conscious of the term that not everyone is kind. I still face this kind of situations and I keep thinking about it and just cannot stop, but then I read a quote over the internet saying ‘If it will not matter to you in next five years, don’t spend even five minutes thinking about it’. I ignore such people in my life and move on and after doing so I feel like a massive burden has been got off over my head. I try to apply this in my day to day life and it helps me a lot.

Building blocks:

Blocks are kind of atoms as in a solid object, if the atoms are packed and combined to each other it becomes a solid object and if kept apart it becomes gas and fades away. Another illustration of it could be puzzle, in order to form a picture, all the pieces should be arranged together in proper form.

As I grew up, I experienced many different situations where I felt like I was handicapped until I got the guidance from my family, friends and each and every person that passed through my life. I believe that I learn something new from all the individuals I meet. There is a saying ‘You cannot learn everything from one person but you can learn at least one thing from every person’.

When I was a kid, I was always told and taught not to compare self with others but at that time I was not mature enough to understand that thing and like everyone else I too compared my life with my other friends who were having more luxuries than me and felt too low for not having same kind of things as my friends do. But as the clock ran continuously I too ran with it and in no time I grew up and entered in my teenage. By that time, I had experienced more severe situations than my friends or other people of my age. Situations like financial issues, family crisis, relations etc. most of which affected my mental health. I was depressed and full of frustration but had no choice other than keeping it to myself as I was afraid that no one will understand my situation.

During that time two of the most important thing came to my mind that I read on internet which were ‘This time will pass’ and ‘Turn your negatives into positives’. These two things have helped me a lot in my unlikeable times. Whenever I feel low and helpless I just remind myself that this is just a block of unfavourable time and it will pass away. And from that time whatever situation I have faced and experienced, I try to learn from it and convert it into a path for facing any other situations and surviving it or I try to help others who have same kind of problems. I know that I cannot help everyone to get out of the life’s problems but at least I can be someone to whom they can talk about their problems and it might make them feel lighter and stress free.

Building blocks in order to be successful in life is very necessary and for others being success in life might mean to be wealthy and having all the luxuries. For me, success in life is achieving peace of mind and being happy from whatever I have. I know that wealth is a basic necessity for living being but for me it is more important to have good health and stress free life than having a big number in my bank account but zero peace and happiness in my mind. I am a person who does what I like and whatever is possible to do. I try to manage myself according to situation. For staying healthy I eat well and healthy and I exercise at least five times a week and try to not miss a single day without exercising but due to some situations it becomes a task sometimes. But I never take it as a task because I like to exercise as it makes me feel energetic and fresh all day. For some people exercising means to build muscles and have a great physique and I was introduced to exercising for the same purpose but when I became regular in exercising I found that it is more than just building good physique, it is a stress buster for me just like a therapy. What I learned from exercising is that you have to push yourself up every time when a heavy load tries to pull down, life is just the same whenever you feel low and down just believe in yourself and come up with more energy.

It is said that you should not compare yourself with others and which is true because many people do it and degrades himself or herself but this happens because they compare themselves with other who has more of luxuries or wealth or any other show material. This kind of comparing should be abandoned.

My way of comparison is that I compare myself with the people who has less facilities than me or luxuries than me because those people are still happy with the minimum they have and this inspires me to be happy with what I have.

Benefits of knowing yourself:

One of the major benefit of knowing myself is that I will know the purpose of life and will have a clear vision of what I want in my life and what makes me happy. If I know what makes me happy then nothing else will ever affect me in negative way. I am still working on this quality of being ineffective of others opinions.

Effect of environment and culture:

culture and environment is way favourable according to my thinking and I am very much happy with it.

Strengths and weakness:

My family and my friends are my strength and weakness are the things which takes me down but I am working on it."

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