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Importance Of Preparing Kids At An Early Age For Sat Tests

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Every child is born with a certain gift and ability waiting to be explored as he or she grows older. But how do you detect your child’s giftedness at an early age aside from the traditional methods used in schools like the review of achievement tests scores, IQ tests, past grades, inputs from teachers and observation?

Parents and guardian shouldn’t rest the responsibility of discovering and identifying a child’s giftedness solely on the school or teacher. Reason being that, most teacher training institutions, barely have training courses on gift identification. Parents should be able to familiarize themselves with signs of a child’s giftedness well before that child even starts school. Even though early testing has been a controversial subject in many quarters.

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Many advocates of gifted children believe that a child’s giftedness when discovered at a tender age, can help in tailoring and nurturing the child’s unique needs from the very start. As a growing child shows certain behavioral and social differences and is showing huge signs of unusual interests and distractions, early identification is very necessary.

According to research, regular schools most time do not encourage these talented kids to reach their full potentials hence the enrollment in programs for talented and gifted children like CTY and the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) and the Center for Talented Youth (CTY) at Johns Hopkins University.

Summer programs for gifted kids are becoming very necessary as economic realities have forced some regular schools to cut down on programs for gifted children. Talent Identification Program (TIP) helps these kids feed their passion and excitement on subjects and skills they are keen about, helps them feel relaxed not having to worry about competition or grades.

Being talented is one thing but being able to pass the SAT and ACT tests that will qualify your child to attend the program is a different ball game entirely. Hence, early preparation. Kids with gifts have to prove themselves by taking the SAT and ACT tests in about the 7th grade and the need to score over 50% better than other college or juniors or seniors taking the tests. Most summer school programs for the gifted and talented children accept recommendations as credentials.

CTY and TIP alumni have often said that these programs helped them grow as individuals and also gave them the ability to be themselves. Many of them have said they still draw inspiration from their time as students of these programs, adding that what they were taught are still very indispensable many years after they have left. These alumni range from lawyers, bioengineers, computer scientists, computer engineers, owners of medical companies, writers, doctors, surgeons, tech gurus and celebrities in the entertainment world.

Lady Gaga, Google’s Sergey Brin, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg are some of the notable alumni of the CTY and TIP program. The importance of starting at an early age to prepare for SAT and ACT tests cannot be overemphasized. In fact, it is has proven to be cost friendly and the most effective way to scale through. Many parents often make the mistake of waiting until their child gets to a junior year before they start prepping. Consistency and long-term prep have proven over the years as a vital and most important key to SAT and ACT score improvements.


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