Importance of Self-Help for Everyone

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  • Reflection
  • Impact on Society
  • Relevance to Personal Experience
  • Conclusion

Self-help is important to anyone who struggles with depression. Having depression is difficult to each and every person causing many different struggles that vary from person to person. Understanding there are other people who have had the same experiences realize they are not alone. When having depression is it important for people to accept themselves as they are and not worry about the pressure they face from others.


Depression is more common than most would think and finding ways to ease the pain can be difficult. Not everything is how it seems just because someone does not show signs of depression does not mean they are not depressed. Devitch (2016) implies that the stereotype of comedians having depression is false, however, most of them have experienced some sort of early trauma in their life that could result in depression. Someone who is depressed could possible benefit from having the company of someone who understands what they are experiencing. Though all the struggles of having depression with little understanding from others, it is okay to literally roll out of bed and onto the floor. Acceptance is important to those with depression and that acceptance can help one get through it without feeling alone. For someone to help ease their depression, they first must accept it themselves.

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Simply reading a book written by someone with depression for people with depression can help people realize they are not alone. If someone can write about overcoming depression while having depression that is a big step in moving forward. Openly talking about the things faced in everyday life could benefit people with depression by comparing their experiences and understand that they are not alone and other people go through unfortunate events also. Self-help can be different depending on the person and one way to help oneself is to just sit and let it be which is perfectly okay to deal with depression in that way. Pulling themselves away from people who continually pressure them to just get over their depression is another way that someone can self-help themselves. It is beneficial for people with depression to know that others have experienced the same things and that accomplishing one little thing like rolling out of bed is a step in the right direction (Drevitch, 2016).

Impact on Society

Depression affects more than just the person diagnosed. As more people in society have depression, productive in the workforce goes down. Evans-Lacko and Knapp (2016) states that research has found that depression’s greatest impact on the economy is a loss in productivity. People who have extreme cases of depression become less productive and less motivated to even move, let alone work. If more people are continuing to be diagnosed that will result in higher disability rate worldwide, however, depression is already a leading cause of disability (Evans-Lacko & Knapp, 2016). If workers are becoming less productive because they have depression that will lead to less motivated workers, which also leads to less money a company is making because the productivity is going down. If multiple companies began having less productive workers the economy will be negatively affected by less products are being produced and less products able to be sold. Overall, depression is a problem that affects more than just the person diagnosed.

Relevance to Personal Experience

Many factors play a role in someone's depression. For instance, if someone is being pressured by a friend to go out and do things when all they want to do is stay at home that can cause a loss of trust for say in that friend. If someone is truly a friend they would not pressure them to get out of the house or even move if they were not feeling up to it. In some situations, people experience pressure from others to just get over their depression. When people are pressuring others it can cause the person with depression to shut them out more than they already have. For some individuals, it is better to get rid of the people who do not understand. It is possible to find people who understand what is going on and to accompany that person. (Drevitch, 2016). Pressuring someone into having a good time can be worse than letting them enjoy themselves and having a good time on their terms.


Everyone experiences depression differently, however self-help can benefit any person with depression. Depression affects not only the person diagnosed, but also society as a whole. Accepting oneself is a major step when dealing with depression. It is important for people with depression to understand that they are not alone and other people have been through the same thing.

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