Importance of Self Worth and Why It is Key to Following Human Happiness

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Self Worth and its Impact on Happiness

Happiness is a universal human objective that is recently gaining more self worth traction in the field of human psychology, known as positive psychology. The documentary Happy, by director Roko Belic, strongly supports the idea of happiness. It examines the human characteristic of “happiness,” what it really is, how one achieves it, and how it relates to our lives in total. Belinc travels around the world to find the true meaning of happiness and focuses on the lives of people and how they use flow to live their daily life. Societal norms has impacted the way one thinks and brings up inner conflict between self worth and net worth. I think self¬worth is an important factor an individual needs to have rather than a lot of money. I also wonder if an individual has any limitations to having a lot of money and if they even wonder about finding their true identity and valuing their self¬worth. In particular, I want to discuss how although society misleads the idea of having a lot money in their life to be happy, individuals need to find their self worth and realize that money is not an important factor to lead a better happier life. In our society, having a lot of money can be defined as a source of wealth for happiness. Society misleads the idea of having a lot money in their life to be happy. In fact, Dunn states that people who make more money at an annual level were satisfied rather than people earning less. “People who earned $55,000 were just 9 percent more satisfied than those making $25,000” (Dunn). This quote explains reality of people who earn a higher yearly income and people who Alburquerque 2 earn a lower yearly income and its connection with happiness. This shows society’s confusion and the misleading idea that having a lot of money in their life can actually make them happier. To clarify, it shows that people who think that having a lot of money in their life to be happy, do not actually think about other things that can make them happy but only rely on the money source to make them stabilized, thinking that money is the solution to their well¬being. While Dunn expresses his viewpoint, society misleads the idea of having a lot of money to be happy. Individuals should find their self¬worth instead of continue searching for money. Although individuals need to find their self¬worth to be happy, it has to be applied to people who are in desperate search for viewing a lot of money as a stabilized source of happiness.

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Additionally, self¬worth is an important factor an individual has to possess. It affects your behavior and thoughts. It changes how you feel and how you value yourself. Once someone realizes their self¬worth, they will be able to handle themselves when they lose all their money and will know how to deal with the issue. “True happiness comes when you learn to be content with what you have. If you don’t take the time to figure out what enough means to you, you will always be unhappy with your financial situation... Find your values” (Roth). J.D Roth emphasizes that finding yourself and your values is an important factor. The idea that happiness comes from within and takes years from now to develop personal development and self¬worth, shows that it should be a lifelong goal someone has to pursue in order to stabilize their happiness rather than having a lot of money because individuals need to find their self¬worth in order to be happy. People need to realize that money is not an important factor to lead a better, happier life because money is not everything and there are many other things that can bring happiness and Alburquerque 3 not green paper with a value on it. The happier you are with yourself, the more likely it is that you will bring happiness to others. One reason is because money is not everything, despite its immense power in our culture. Houghton stated that the idea of money and happiness is the way one spends it but it did not buy her happiness. “Money didn’t buy me happiness; it bought me security and peace of mind which alleviated stress and made me feel happier” (Houghton). This quote shows that people have to find their inner peace and money doesn’t always buy everything. Therefore people need to realize that money is not an important factor to lead a better, happier life.

According to Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton’s Times article, happiness comes from what you invest in and what you make of it. While society misleads the idea of having a lot of money in their life to be happy, individuals have to find their self worth. Furthermore J.D Roth in Your Money: The Missing Manual heavily emphasizes finding your self¬worth and values. Additionally in Kristen Houghton’s Huf ington Post article, she describes the efficiency of living with inner peace and money not being a heavy factor in people's’ lives. Our own feeling of self¬worth should be confident and strong and should be key to live a happier, better life. Alburquerque 4 Works Cited Boyce, Christopher. "However You Spend It, Money Isn’t the Key to Happiness.

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