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The Holocaust is a tramatic thing in history that started in 1933 during World War II and ended in 1945. The Holocaust is a very big thing that happened in history. The holocaust is very importnt to learn about because it informs you about the past. There are many survivors that have written books about their experiences that happened throughout that time period and they made us imagine what it would have been like living in that time and having to see dead people everyday. The camp was very divided “men to the left!” Women to the right!”

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Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party and was very good at manipulating. He wanted all the Jews to be gone even if that meant that he would put them into gas chambers and making them think that they were going to go take “showers” all the kids and people who thought they were about to be clean after a long time then they find out it’s just a trap then less than minutes they were dead. Hitler was a cruel man; he barely even let them eat some people and killed others for a little bite of bread. “ I was a body perhaps less than that even: a starved stomach. The stomach alone was aware of the passage of time”

Most of the people who ended up dying were little kids, women and old people and the people they thought that could not work would send them to the gas chambers as soon as they got there. Elie Wiesle was on of the surviors of the Holocaust his dad was in it with him he was very worried about his dad in this hard time he once said “ I was think of my father. He must have suffered more than I did.” During this time Elie and his father had each other's backs and did not want it to happen to one another. Sadly Elie’s dad died at the end of the book and Elie was the one who was left alive. Auschwitz was a big concentration camp, that’s the first camp they went to.

Hitler has his Soldiers which were called the SS to kill round up the Jews and have them killed. Some people have to dig their own grave and stand in front of it and just wait to be killed. Many of the Jews called out for god's help and eventually they gave up on call out for his help and lost faith. A Survivor once said “ But here God didn’t come. We were all on our own.” Survivors guilt was a real thing especially the ones who had family with them and they were the only one to make it out alive “ I dunno… maybe everyone has to feel guilty. Everyone! Forever!”

Once the holocaust finally ended there were so many dead. The way most people lived was by being friendly. “ If you want to live, it’s good to be friendly.” There is museums over the holocaust and you call see people that had to go through that there belongings. It’s very important to learn about things in the past the holocaust especially.    

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