Importance of Teacher Education in Becoming a Teacher

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  • Introduction
  • Purpose of Teacher Education
  • Teacher Education Curriculum in Malaysia
  • Teacher Education Institutes
  • Teacher Education Curriculum in Pakistan
  • Curriculum


Teacher education is a control and sub segment of education with its particular pre service and in service structures. It prepares planned and in service teachers with data, information and academic skills to help change their perspectives and conduct to the profession of education.

Purpose of Teacher Education

The reason for teacher training principally is to prepare forthcoming teachers with appropriate aptitudes for instructing as well as with proper skills and capacities needed to make them successful and proficient professionals. Through various hypothetical and useful exercises, they are assisted with comprehension not just the philosophical, mental, and sociological premise of instructing, yet additionally the relationship of training with the society and its qualities through educating and learning measures.

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Teacher Education Curriculum in Malaysia

Teacher educators are one of the primary partners in teacher education. Research on teacher educators has created over the couple of decades, yet little deliberate research on teacher educators had been created. There are a few concerns which should be tended to so as to comprehend teacher educators as professionals.

Teacher Education Institutes

Teaching is a powerful profession, and education assumes a significant function in country building. The National Education Philosophy and Teacher Education Philosophy fill in as a guide for creating proficient and able teachers and fulfilling global guidelines. The Institute of Teacher Education (ITE), some time ago known as the Teacher College, offers four year certification programs in teaching, reflecting public endeavors to hoist and change the showing calling by upgrading teachers' professionalism and skill.


The teacher training curriculum created by the ITE is result based, spiral, and developmental in nature, intelligent, commonsense and logical, and all encompassing. The Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) gives a premise to quality affirmation of the curriculum, as per the ITE mission to create equipped and enthusiastic teachers and convey a-list education. Program modes include full time teaching and learning, separation learning, and school-based training. The ITE conducts program appraisal so as to improve the appropriateness, adequacy, and proficiency of program usage and the management.

With the goal for Malaysia to move towards a proficient based economy and be a maintainable created nation, the development of human capital ought to be a need. It is significant that teacher education organizations through quality teacher education curriculum assume their job successfully in molding this human capital. In the preparation, participate in classroom research is a basic segment for the planning of the pre-administration teachers.

Since 2007, Teacher Education Division has executed the new Teacher Education Curriculum in each of the 26 showing foundations cross country. During the last and fourth year of preparing in teacher education organizations, pre-administration teachers need to finish an activity research venture as a component of the fulfillment to get the degree. The activity research venture expects to give pre-administration teachers functional strategies to create comprehension of students learning and to make a commitment to the common information on the calling. This usage is basic for teachers to be ready for utilizing activity research to improve the nature of the educating and learning measure.

The research cycle may upgrade the polished methodology of future educators who can make important commitments to the educational change. A logical situated activity research may upgrade the nature of human abilities, and accordingly increment the estimation of human capital development through time. Moreover, this research-driven venture can flexibly pre-administration teachers with proof that research can enable them by giving them the instruments to become powerful expert researchers and extension the hypothesis practice separate. So as to achieve these targets, it is important to build up the skills required for directing activity research and make mindfulness about its essential part in education settings among pre-administration teachers.

Teacher Education Curriculum in Pakistan

The primary reason behind instructing teachers is to plan approaches also, methods which can invest future teachers with basic also, applicable information just as create perspectives, practices and skills fundamental for them to play out their activity adequately in the classroom. Presently the inquiry emerges that what sort of information, perspectives, practices and skills teachers ought to have?'

The appropriate response of this inquiry lies in the 'curricula of teacher instruction programs' through which instructor teachers are prepared to send society's perspectives, convictions, key information, counsel and intelligence to the students' to make them dynamic individuals of the society and backing public economy.


National Commission for Colleges of Education (2001) builds up the least principles for the educational program of teacher Education by focusing on primary thoughts that impact improvement and practice of education including Psychological wellbeing and financial factor that may help child education performance.

In the beginning of 1990s there were 87 elementary teacher-education institutions leading a one-year degree to the Primary Teaching Certificate (PTC) for teachers in grades one to five or the Certificate of Teaching (CT) for teachers in grades six to eight. The PTC needs 10 years of education for admission to it, the CT course needs 12 years and an FA/FSC certificate. The Allama Iqbal Open University also has distance education courses for its PTC and CT programs.

One-year elementary teacher preparing program in essential subjects and strategies for educating, including child psychology. The secondary teachers are needed to go along with one of the various teachers' trade schools or a college division of education either for a one-year program prompting the Bachelor of Education recognition or a three-year program prompting a Bachelor of Education degree.

Science and technical educating has been given stress by the government. Accordingly, Islamabad's Institute for the Promotion of Science Education and Training (IPSET) and National Technical Teachers Training College (NTTTC) have been accomplishing superb work in updating the information base of secondary school and junior school science teachers just as educators in innovation universities and polytechnics. For educational chairmen there is the Academy of Educational Planning and Management (AEPAM) at Islamabad, giving courses and in-service training for school and school principals, locale education officials, and regional directors.

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