Importance of Planning Objects of The Lesson


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The physics teacher was explaining “diffusion” for the 7th grade. Students had one class. He started by brainstorming and asking direct questions while students answered. Then on the table in front of him he made an experiment by adding ink to a bottle of water. All of the students were gathered around him. Then he explained new words related to the lesson and the experiment. At the end, the teacher gave the students a worksheet to work on individually to analyze and think of what happened, and also to answer questions below.

As I’ve learned from QRTA sessions, the objects of the lesson in the plan should be specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound within time period. “Planning begins with an understanding of your goal, your students learning needs, the content you will teach and the teaching methods available to you. ”

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When teacher uses clear objects the guideline for measuring students’ progress become easy. I think when a teacher plan for any lesson; they must view ahead what problems may occur because planning provides a systematic method of showing problem and solution before having them. In order to achieve our outcomes we also must think of the physical learning environment that fits goals. “Research suggests that all students are motivated to learn, as long as there are clear expectations, the tasks and activities have value, and the learning environment promotes intrinsic motivation. ”

Students sometimes love to work alone. They were enthusiastic by finishing without mistakes and to be the first one to do it. “Students are encouraged to complete the assignment with the answers they think are the best. Emphasis is on getting through and testing oneself. ” I think that students from this learning style can build their individual work, habits and skills to apply in the learning situation; they will have the chance to practice and reinforce skills and gain the acquired knowledge far from the teacher direct guidance. I believe it is a good thing to merge more than one teaching method for teaching; this will benefit each type of learning.

The learning environment for doing any experiment is in the lap. Because of all the students gathered around the table many of this didn’t see. Also the worksheet contained a question that the students didn’t learn it. The time of the class ran out and it wasn’t enough for matching the outcomes written on the plan. I would make a lesson plan for two classes not one. I will include attainable outcomes and link them with the previous learning for the students. I would also take the students to the lap and make them do the experiment by themselves. And at the end I will give them a feedback to encourage them to be independent because it allows them to control their own learning.

Are there any safety issues the teacher needs to consider? Do any of the students have special medical needs, i. e. students with wheel chair or students who wear glasses? How to be sure that student is being independent learning? I’m going to work with my mentor to plan lessons with the best layout and classroom management. Also I will have in consideration the surrounding area and recognizing all of the students and their needs. I’m willing to plan for two lessons next week using the ICT program. And review QRTA planning session.

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