Importance of Time Management and Good Use of Time

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 Must learn from this example that the importance and usefulness of human life and the intensity of time that seems to come and go, but it doesn't seem to go, it goes away. In this instance, we must know how much frequency. On the one hand, human short life's awful momentum on the other hand limited dynamics of time and instability. Time waits for man and doesn't care.

Look at the train on the platform, no one is sitting or sitting in it, no one is waiting for passengers. He will come and go on his own day. Those who tear up and settle down the crowd and reach their destination on time, who lie down on the platform because of their idleness, laziness, zeal, or sleep, can not sit down or meet their target on the bus. The same goes for distance.

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Only those people who do not waste a single time, but use it more and more experience success in life. It is up to you now to take advantage of this precious time–in sleep or personal work, in education or conflict, in a partnership or strife, in defense or persecution. As big are the lines of Kabir, which demonstrate as precious time is

The key to life's prosperity lies in the right use of time. Everybody has equal rights at the moment, whether they are poor or rich, peasant or laborer, monarch or songs, scholar or idiot. Even the simplest person is great for the utility of time. To date, the only time that precious moments were used was the secret of success for all the great men. Even in the greatest crises, awful and awful conflicts, Victory Vyjayanti always remembers him.

'Time doesn't wait for anybody,' is an ancient saying. This means that all human beings ' achievements, hopes, and desires depend on time. The Austrians, for example, were defeated during the war against Napoleon in importance and grandeur for the 'five minutes.' Napoleon was given the prisoner title by a five-minute delay at Gruishi's arrival, Napoleon's only comrade.

Therefore, time must be used properly by men. It is a useful time to do it all promptly without being idle. The work of those who postpone the work today has never been finished. In the fire of repentance, they are always burning. But burning does not benefit because-' time is again desirable, 'even while moving forward, they remain behind. The wise man doesn't cause his moments of leisure to be wasted.

The wise man does not cause his repose time to go in vain, only to follow the Saddrantas, but in bad addictions or struggles, the fools lose their time. He does not see the value of the time nor the fragility of the moment of life. But in the right use of time, a wise man experiences spiritual joy and physical pleasure. Such people are respected in their society.

It's like committing suicide to waste time. Man is looking for the means of suicide to get rid of life from the planet. Suicide frees him forever from life's hardships. Likewise, the proper use of time will cause human life to die for an indefinite period. Time abuse makes people lazy, effortless, commercial, and inactive. Not only does the wasting of time distort emotions, but it also induces human beings ' moral degradation.

Best Time Tips-Best Time Using Tips

A person should make a proper division of his daily work to make good use of time. He will bear in mind when he has to work. Most of the time spent here and there in vain by a person whose program is not assured. A person who works by making a specific program of his own, concentrating mental instincts, will definitely succeed in life-struggle.

The personal development of man comes from the use of time. Since childhood, we should be paying attention to the importance of time. It is very important to make the body healthy, to sleep on time, to get up on time, to eat on time, to exercise on time, to read on time. For intellectual development, we will research the Saddrāntras from the very beginning and discuss with more intelligent people than ourselves the useful subjects of life.

That work must be done at that time, the time for which work is fixed, only then can man progress in life. Never start any work late as the delay is delayed until the end and there is doubt about the success of that task. Time abroad's value is well understood. Everyone knows how to make good use of it. If at eight o'clock you've called someone, they'll come to you at exactly eight o'clock, not a minute before, nor after a minute.

We have some country and society duties. We should also spend some time in their service to make progress for the country and society. He who, in the interests of others, spends some time helping the helpless, filling the stomachs of the hungry, also makes good use of time and is respected in society.

Through our regular programs, we will take advantage of the opportunity of national service, caste service, and social service. The main goal of human life is not self-realization. This life is successful as many good things in this life can be done. Human life is the land's estate. Therefore, blessed is the one who spends his time in the national interest. A human being's ultimate duty is to make the best use of his time for the well-being of his society, country, and humanity.

That is, man's greatest enemy is laziness. There is no progress in a lazy person's life. Most of his life's moments are spent in lethargy, gold discussion, and discussion. Such a person can not do his student education, nor can he bear the burden of his youth's family life.

The intelligence of the lazy man is dim and his resolve weakens, he still worries about time. There is never a lack of time to work hard. Lazy man spends his time condemning others, wandering, reading dirty books, and chattering in vain. These men can not do the country's welfare, nor their own. Those who use the time to give up laziness have become literature authors, liberals, researchers, and inventors.

'Samay Raat Nahi again bara,' Goswami Tulsidas Ji said. 'The speed of time is high. Every smart person's duty is to use time in the proper evaluation. It is not possible to stop the speed of time. Today's scientist began to exercise his authority over nature's elements but was unable to control the time. Therefore, if we want to make our physical, mental, and spiritual progress, then we should learn to make proper use of our time, only then can our progress be made.

Importance of student time utilization-Importance of student life utilization.

Especially because 'Gone is not the time again,' students must understand the importance of time. Students should make a timetable to make good use of their time. They should take care that their definite work is completed or not in that particular time.

A student who in the appointed time does not engage in his work with full intentions commits to him gross injustice. His future continues to be bleak. When splitting time, it should be noted that there should not be too much physical and mental fatigue. Entertainment should also be arranged. Entertainment is life-giving, energy is collected. Time is, in reality, precious capital. We will make full use of the moment.

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