Importance of Travelling: Its Pros and Cons

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There are several advantages and disadvantages of travelling. Initially, travel life opens up opportunities, connections and unforgettable memories that can change the meaning of life and it is main exercise in personal development and growth. Actually, we are living in a world where many people like to travel. Some people like to travel with friends, others like to travel with their families and others like traveling alone. It is evident that some people like to explore a place and travel to create memories of life. Travel makes life interesting and creates new ideas in life. So that the most common reason people travel is to try new things.

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Also, the technology of travel has changed the way we travel, from buying your flight or rail ticket till arriving to desired place. The spirit of adventure is always in the heart of mankind. Travelling is the special good form of escapism as it gives the ability get some experience and benefits from journey. It is interesting that exploring other parts of this wonderful world we live on and meeting various cultures is an amazing and meaningful activity. In fact, people experience a sort of self-discovery or reinvention while travelling an interesting parts of the globe. Moreover, most people travel for food in order to feel the taste of another unfamiliar cultural difference by tasting new dishes or being discovered to new cultural customs is undoubtedly a good opportunity for any traveler. Thus, travelling will always be a valuable asset for explorers.

Of course, travel allows every person to escape from home, but from time to time escaping can take the image of running away. The main problems people face when travelling unknown country is language barrier and cultural shock. To put it another way, people face language and cultural misunderstanding frequently and to get away these many travelers join a tour group for comfortable journey. Whereas travel can be affordable, it can also be crucially expensive. For instance, many countries have fabulous high costs of living. To avoid expensive countries people should speculate and take into account their budget. Though, the safety is also main issues for travelers. They should avoid most travel-related crimes by staying away from high-crime districts. In order to avoid these kind of difficulties people should identify safe places to stay and find out how to avoid scams and travel with the experienced companion like guides could be cost-conscious method to be in safe any kind of concerns. Even if person is not frightfully close to his family, it means that he feels some effect of homesickness at some period while travelling and he should try to keep in touch with family by SNS. At some point, travelling unlikely when any emergencies like missing family member occurs. Another point which I want to introduce is that some people build up place in their heads as being enjoyable and then seeing it in real life might be frustrating. So they even feel anxiety and depression from that experience.

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