Importance of Working in Teams

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Table of Contents

  • Background Of The Study
  • Importance Of Working In Teams
  • Merits For Working In Teams
  • Chalelenges In Working In Teams
  • Ways To Resolve Challenges
  • Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion

Background Of The Study

In many companies, they work in teams and we would like to find out the reasons behind the team work, the challenges, ways to resolve challenges faced. What is the importance of companies to work in teams. Find out from the companies that prefers to work as individuals and identify which works better between teams and individuals. Based on the informal interviews we held along with questionnaires, most people think teams works better than individuals because they get a second opinion on something, have some people to witness their work. Some prefer to work as individuals because they do not have to deal with conflict, communicating a lot and bullying. As researchers, we wanted to know how do employees feel about work teams. To get this information, we gave out questionnaires and interviewed employees informally and the results were interesting. They mentioned that, even though there are miscommunications amongst groups, conflicts, disrespect and misuse of power to those who are in less power in a group, there is a lot that is done in a short period of time when working in teams and many other positive comments. We first focused on the importance of working in teams in an organisation.

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Importance Of Working In Teams

Some organisations work better in teams because working together creates cooperation in the workplace. Employees in an organisation work together to achieve a goal and a purpose that will benefit both individual and the organisation. When employees work together, the performance is greater than the individual’s performance. It is said “Two minds are greater than one”, meaning there is a lot that can be achieved by two or more minds combined than one. The gentleman from department of education said, “working together helps in learning new skills on how to deal with different learners in general”. Someone at the retail sector said, working in teams gives her the sense of belonging and then commits to her work, that is why it is important for her to work in teams. Researchers find out that teamwork provide employees opportunity to build a good relationship among others, working together to reducing work overload and sharing the responsibilities of doing an individual work. It helps in better control and provide effective and efficient interests rather than individual.

Merits For Working In Teams

Most of our interviewees confirmed that working in groups is fun for people who are involved in a work team and this motivates them more into working in groups. People share knowledge when working together and people learn through team work and most of the time there are few cases where teams do not produce satisfactory solutions. Everyone is encouraged to be responsible in achieving the objectives of the company and to be enthusiastic and decision-making is understood better in an organisation as they are all involved in the decision-making processes. They can resolve problems quicker than individuals by sharing different ideas that would help in solving problems. The work is divided amongst each other and that helps in doing the work in a short period of time. Working in teams also helps in development of leadership skills because each group needs to have a leader and helps members who can’t perform satisfactory.

Chalelenges In Working In Teams

The challenges that the group members face are the unequal involvement and participation, where some members just procrastinate and expect other members to step in when they don’t meet deadline. This kind of behaviour discourages other members and raise doubts about having that person in the group. They will experience lack of trust after being let down, and that creates more problems which will result in lack of commitment. People do not commit where they do not trust anyone at, they do not participate as they do not see a point of doing that. There are times where by a group leader can be overbearing, demanding a lot from the team and sometimes impossible to complete work at a given time. The leader can take all the credit for the group work and could cause a conflict in a group. Lastly there are those members who would bully others with their weaknesses. For an example, ordering someone to do some you know she/he can’t do.

The biggest challenge in working in teams is conflict and conflict has 5 dysfunctions which are

  • Lack of trust – where members do not feel safe around each other and they feel the need to keep their weaknesses to themselves rather than share them with people they don’t trust.
  • Fear of conflict – due to lack of trust, the members do feel the need to participate in brainstorming of ideas sessions since they do not want to be judged for their ideas.
  • Lack of commitment – where group members do not commit to the group work since they didn’t participate in brainstorming the ideas. They just do what they are told to do.
  • Avoidance of accountability – where members would not want to be held accountable for the group’s work.
  • Inattention to results – Once the results come out as fail, no one would want to be held accountable for those results, they just blame each other.

Ways To Resolve Challenges

The organisation will need allow groups to draw up rules the groups need to live upon to prevent some of the challenges. The groups must conduct exercises based on trust, which will help them know each other on a personal level. that way they would open about their weaknesses and strengths. Once employees start to trust one another, the start to respect each other. They must have open communication in group as that would help identify the problems that they might have because miscommunication can cause conflict in a group. Members would need to focus the agenda of the group work and refrain from personal attacks and criticism because that would make others not participate in brainstorming ideas in fear of being criticised. Members will need to be involved in a decision-making process so that everyone have a sense of belonging. Members needs work together in reaching the organisation’s goal within deadline, needing every member of the group to commit in their work and not let each other down. Keep the involved in decision making, that would make them feel like part of the group and they will be willing to be accountable for their behaviour in a team. Lastly the group achievement should be directed to the group, not the individuals. That would make member feel proud of themselves in achieving a goal.


As researchers, we found that you can achieve at or above required standard when working in a team than working individually. Working in teams helps to gain knowledge, acquire new skills and to better understand each other’s differences. We also found that working in teams can be fun and you know that there are people you can trust and communicate with whenever you need help. Working in teams can also be challenging as team members can have unequal involvement and participation that can delay in reaching the goal in time. Team members intercede for each other. We also found that it is important to have clear understanding of what is expected of you in a team and that communication is the most important thing in a team.


As researchers, we recommend that organisations do more of team work, as working in teams builds relationships between employees and encourages them to socialize. All members of the team must be fully committed in achieving the team’s goals and mission as they will personally develop their skills. There must be open lines of communication where communication flows between members. Everyone’s idea must be taken seriously as it will encourage the individual to participate and will make members to feel free to think creatively and fail without fear.


Given the information mentioned above, we as the researchers concluded that regardless of what other individuals in the workplace prefer, there will always be team work in an organization although most individuals tend to be involved in conflict, at the end of the day teamwork is important in an organization. We have also gathered that teamwork provides employees an opportunity to be recognized in the workplace, for their efforts for the organization and the way they conduct themselves. However, working in teams is not all glitters and gold as many employees tend to discredit each other’s opinions, leading to some employees withdrawing from the work at hand and not be able to voice out their opinions and be a part of the team. As mentioned above we took the time to interview some employees in organisations in the form of questionnaires and informal interviews, we could point out the different levels that they were in and how they felt about their superiors and working in teams and there is a difference judging from the level of authority that they are in.

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