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Crush Quotes Every person has a crush. Teenage crush is like flu. If you find a medicine for it, it lasts for a couple of days. If you don't, it still lasts for a couple of days. Having a crush is actually good for your health as it brings a smile to your face and changes your mood.

It is a funny that one missed call or text message change your bad day to the amazing. Having a crush is very amazing feeling as sometime it give goose bumps or sometime it give smile on your face. Having a crush is totally different from having a love. When a person has very strong attachment towards someone then it is called love while when a person has attraction towards someone then it is called crush.

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Unlike love, crush doesn’t have responsibilities as it can be short-lived. You have no issue of rejection or acceptance. Crush is a beautiful feeling or I can say a beautiful emotion. All the time you just think about him or her. You always found them in your dreams playing different characters of your life. When you listen your crush name something happens in your body and you start blushing. You smile all the time for no reason. Crush is actually a one sided love for which you don’t require permission from anybody in this world.

It will be a very amazing feeling that you have crush of someone which is not permanent but still he or she attracts you for a month or for a year and you also enjoy this. If you see your crush, your heart beats increases and this makes you happy. You enjoy this because there are no commitments and probably you will not hurt by anything. It will spread smile on your face and smile builds relationships easily. Even if you want to be a friend with your crush, your smile will help you and if you smile you will look fresh. This put glow on your face because of that your crush starts loving you. He or she will get attracted towards you.

If you have a crush, it will make you feel cheerful from within. You don’t need outer factor for putting smile on your face. It is a feeling felt by almost everybody at some point of life, yet it is a different feeling for everybody. Everyone has different experience about their crush, their love. Most of us cannot be a normal person when their crush is around. Don’t you think it would be a great idea if we can express our feeling, our love to our crush? There are so many ways to express our feelings. You can express it through our quotes, status or images.

So here we have different collection of crush quotes, crush status which help you to express your feelings, your love to your crush. We have mentioned crush quotes with images as well. If you like any of these images you can directly share with your crush and who knows he or she will also fall for you. So friends get ready and spread your love and your happiness.

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