Important Issues that Are Covered in the Film "Glory Road"

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Important Issues That Are Covered in The Film “Glory Road”

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Most movies are about love and relationship; however, this movie focuses on a very important issue. Glory Road is a 2006 American sports drama film directed by James Gartner, based on a true story surrounding the events leading to the 1966 NCAA basketball championship game. Newly appointed men’s basketball coach Don Haskins gets a new job at Texas Western College in El Paso. Which Don Haskin begins by recruiting the best players even though he was short on the school’s budget. Haskin starts assembling a team regardless of race to form a team that can compete for a national championship. This movie is successful because it has various powerful themes of race, the acting was very energetic and convincing, and the soundtrack amplifies the characters feeling and correlates with the scenes of the film.

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This movie is superb because of how it deals with various themes regarding race. The film is extremely powerful because it shows the endless work that the basketball players have put in, particularly African American players, in history have had to put forward just to have equal opportunity. In the movie shows a player getting mugged by two white men in a bathroom of a restaurant. Along with the players return into their hotel rooms in East Texas to find their rooms vandalized with blood scattered walls with words “Niggers die” the players in the movie expressed fear and anger to what was happening .The plot relates to viewers discussion of how race and gender shape the players and sheds light on all the obstacles and barriers that people, particularly, men of color face in our society. Glory Road also shows the extreme dedication, hard work, and bravery that these players and many more in history have had. In addition to telling this great American story and introducing many of the people to these American heroes, the movie provides a history lesson and a glimpse into some of the systemic injustices that remain hidden and why.

In addition to a powerful theme, the acting was very powerful and convincing; each actor has a great performance. The actors played a huge role in making the audience understand that minority group the players were discriminated. The movie introduces characters that people have a strong opinion toward. Beyond the physical location, the actors worked to place themselves in the early 1960s, internalizing what that meant for the developing field of the basketball game and for the civil rights movement. It took some effort to place themselves in the overall mindset of the era. The chemistry of the teammates feels undeniable and their interactions are always entertaining and captivating.

Another good quality of the film is that it has a powerful soundtrack that correlates with the scenes, and amplifies the actors feel. the Glory Road soundtrack touches on everything from hip-hop to jazz to swing to R&B.

A great movie consists of a powerful theme, outstanding characters and a great soundtrack that correlates with the scenes of the film. Glory Road can be classified as a great movie because it has all of this. Moreover, the movie plays an important role of showing how African American men experienced discrimination on the bases of race and particularly in the sports world. The film specifically amplified how opportunities were not given for African-Americans even though they have the potential and ability to perform any job. The movie provided a very moving window into the history of African-Americans during the time of segregation which helps the audience to be more sensitive to the problems of minority groups.

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