Important Qualities of a Good Leader Nowadays

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Leadership is important as more organizations structure work around teamwork. In addition, the leader has the function of gathering the team so that together they can achieve the group’s goals. Leadership is about motivation because a powerful leader knows how to induce his team.

Leadership in a company is a key issue because it is related to success or failure, whether or not to achieve the goals set. Especially in the business or organizational context, it is important to know how to distinguish between a leader and a boss, and the qualities of a good leader. A boss has the authority to command and demand obedience from group members because he often considers himself superior to them. 

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The types of leadership are one of the most studied phenomena in a company, because leaders are essential in an organization, as they encourage, motivate, and lead their employees to make the best decisions and extract from each one their best skills. For a long time, these theories have been studied to find the right model for an excellent leader, even though the time does not seem to be enough. It is now clear that the definition of leadership is its function in an organization, so let’s take a look at two leadership theories; charismatic leadership and transformational leadership these two theories are certainly the best to fit in this company to benefit the organization.

Charismatic Leadership. Talking about charismatic leadership theory without talking about Weber is practically impossible. Weber, his theory is based on the perceptions of followers, who believe their leader is gifted with exceptional abilities and talents. On the other hand, Yukl (1999), thinks that charismatic leadership is analyzed by considering the amount of influence the leader has on his followers and also the type of relationship that exists between leader and follower. However, we can see that both writers emphasize the attribution of extraordinary qualities to the leader, from your followers. In addition, a charismatic leader has all the qualities that a good leader must have such as empathy, vision, confidence, determination, and creativity and he must be communicative so he can inspire his followers.

A charismatic leader benefits an organization. From the above ideas about charismatic leaders an aspect that helps any kind of leadership reach their followers from charisma. This is an attribute that allows leaders to achieve extraordinary results through interpersonal relationships in daily work. Being charismatic is a differential. Moreover, this trait allows that work to be done more naturally and employees can work in harmony with the rest of the team, involved and committed to achieving a common goal. Normally, charisma is natural, without having to force or devise any strategy, reforming an idea that this skill deals with a special gift is only allowed for a few people. However, like any competency, this trait can and should be developed in all who want to be great leaders.

Transformational Leadership. Transformational leadership certainly deserves to be highlighted as the behavior of the ideal leader: a manager who encourages the high performance of his team through influence, inspiration, example, and motivation. This attitude allows for more humane, efficient, and results-oriented management. In addition, this leader knows each member of his team, their ambitions, their values, their preferences, and their limitations. The main foundations of its management are trust, respect, collaboration, and commitment. In this way, the transformational leader can understand the profile of team professionals, developing strategies that ensure the empowerment of talents and the correction of knowledge gaps.

The definition of this leader according to Cherry (2019), “transformational leadership is a leadership style that can inspire positive changes in those who follow. Transformational leaders are generally energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate” (para.). So, we can say that this leader is always prepared to solve problems, resolve conflicts diplomatically, stimulate learning, strengthen the community and build a good collaborative climate. Before thinking about immediate results, your main focus is employee development. Moreover, this leader is both a strategist, an articulator, and a visionary. Through their attitudes and decisions, it becomes a source of inspiration and a positive reference for all, being able to change behaviors and contribute directly to the formation of more qualified and competent professionals.

The qualities of the transformational leader. Transformational leadership is evidenced by some qualities. We can already say that the main one is: Charisma, a transformational leader is a professional who can arouse the admiration and, especially, the respect of his followers. More than collaborators, he can gain true followers. With charisma and encouragement, this leader can ensure even better team performance. Inspiration, as an example, this leader can be a source of inspiration for the entire team. He is always looking for great challenges, demonstrates technical knowledge, persuasive power, planning skills, interpersonal communication, and, above all, humility, empathy, humor, persistence, and firmness of purpose. Thus, it encourages its followers to assume similar behavior. Vision, this quality makes the transformational leader able to anticipate and act proactively, avoiding losses, failures, or delays. To this end, it is always well informed and understands all the processes and variables surrounding the business. This gives you the comprehensive overview needed to make assertive decisions.

In conclusion, a good leader points the way to success by exercising the qualities of a good leader: discipline, patience, commitment, respect, and humility. 


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