Imposing and Preserving Human Rights at a Global Level, United Nations Main Goal

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Analysis of the United Nations

The United Nations (UN) has been detrimental to global relationships and the international system since its formation in 1945. The agency has served as a neutral ground for all nations who are looking to diffuse conflicts. With an ultimate goal of “saving future generations from the scourge of war has brought untold sorrow to mankind", the agency has been commended for their never-ending effort in creating a better tomorrow. It also provides help for countries who are aiming to raise their standard of living, create jobs, and delivers aid in times of humanitarian crisis. The United Nations does everything in their power to create peace, unity, and prosperity all throughout the world.

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Though the UN aims to help individuals, the organization is decades old and has some out-of-date practices. One major issue with the organization is that it does not reflect our current world. Some nations have serious roles in world affairs (such as America), while others have lesser roles in world affairs (such as France). There are numerous organizations in the United Nations that all have different desires, different goals, different budgets, and different governance. These conflicting factors and goals create competition amongst all of the agencies. Furthermore, these conflicting personalities cause the United Nations to have some unclear missions as their focus gets pulled in dozens of directions. It will soon become nearly impossible for the United Nations to operate effectively and successfully under these conditions.

In order to make changes to these conditions, a reform would be necessary, but this would be a difficult and lengthy process. In 2005, the UN launched a debate that proposed reform by asking high-level members for their consensus on organizational goals, methodology, and organizational purpose (James 2007). The main topics addressed at the debate were: approaches to terrorism, conflict resolution approaches, and recommendations on foreign policy. Based on the data collected from the debate, the United Nations decided to implement a new Human Rights Council and a new Peace building Commission (James 2007). They also decided to increase measures against terrorism and made changes throughout the United Nations management structure. While this was, and still is, an excellent start to the reformation of the United Nations, there is still work to be done.

Experts agree that the world is going to become smaller in the years ahead of us as the baby-boomer generation dies out. When this occurs, the United Nations needs to take the opportunity to become more significant in our world’s affairs. Leaders from all over the globe depend on this reliable forum to discuss and resolve conflicts and resolutions that have an impact internationally. In order for this forum to be a continued success, the United Nations must centralize its operations. The organization should evaluate itself objectively and address all representation, voting, and financial issues that have becomes relevant in recent years. With so many people depending on the organization so heavily, the organization must give priority to all issues that it address, including forever promised economic development, human rights, and conflict resolution. Our world will fall behind without both security and development that the UN has to offer, as they are both crucial to our success, and ultimately, our survival.

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