In 10 Years, the NBA Will Eclipse the Popularity of the Nfl


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That there is clearly a problem many problem myriad of which have been have been caused by a tone-deaf commissioner. You know god bless roger could help forgetting an extension. He’s made the owners money but I believe long-term they’ve helped kill a golden goose and in myriad ways including the domestic violence issue which they approached very slowly and not responsibly at all.

They also the concussion issue which they had hid from players for years, they’ve finally begun to address. And they realize that you don’t need to play tackle football at 7 8 to have a decent nfl career. I think you see it in these you talk to mothers. Doesn’t matter if it’s the inner-city doesn’t matter if it’s the suburbs there are parents who won’t let their kids play tackle football.

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The talent pool is going to dry up at some point and then there’s just an oversaturation of the product. Come you contrast that with the nba and the nba just feels like its got so much star power right now. This is as popular as i can remember the nba since its been since michael jordan retired for the second time.

I want you to jump in that both david stern and mr. silver have done adam silver. The current commissioner, they have emphasized internationalization of basketball and the nba product that is a real differentiator from the nfl. Even though the nfl is gone and tried to stage games in and it successfully staged games in mexico city and London. It’s not the same american football is not the game internationally basketball is.

One point there was a time when it went when david stern spent all his time the former nba commissioner putting it into international development. You see went from palestine to israel to china there are people wearing jerseys of stephon curry and then james harden and and everyone else in between. And so you think about what the nba is come and how its become a global product and how frankly.

It’s much easier to play that in football internationally. It’s the second most popular sport in the world next to next to football, soccer. It’s a definite swing. I don’t know if nba is going to eclipse the nfl in the next three years but in ten years I’ll stake my job on it the nfl will not be as popular as the nba in ten years.

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