In Danger of Extinction is Improving Their Survival Rates

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Coming back to Rhinos’, scientists used many methods to help in preserving Rhinos room extinction. The development of the Integrated Smart Parks Programme, as a relationship between the peace parks foundation and Africa’s council for scientific and industrial research. Is simply an new technological-communication method used in natural reserves and parks in South Africa to make. The Meerkat system is made up of a suite of radar and electro-optic sensors that will detect, classify, monitor and track humans moving in the Kruger National Park over a wide area. The system has been designed to be mobile so that it can be rapidly deployedto prevent poaching crisis zones from developing. Another type of technology used is also related to communication and wireless sciences. To make it simple, scientists put collars and chips on the major herbivores. If the poacher enters the jungle, it’s more common to come across a giraffe or a goat instead of a Rhino, when this happens; these animals heart beets and brain actions will behave differently. As soon as any change happens, the scientists will be able to detect where the poacher is and where is he going. The sensors on the collars and chips transmit information to a local network connected to the police and the IBM network. The last solution is well related to the social factor and financial factor that we will discuss later on. It’s mainly consistof drilling the Rhino’s horn, and filling it with liquid toxins.

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The past solutions may appear to be completely undangerous on Rhino’s, but the bad thing that its not. The common factor between the three solutions is catching the animal physically, whether it was a Rhino or others. The problem in this idea is that when the animal see people around him, it could (mostly) get nervous and angry. It may start fighting against people; which can be dangerous to the human crew. The animal itself could get hurt while defending itself. Further on, when trying to anesthetize the animal, it’s not taken in consideration that the animal could have allergiesto specific substances, which can pose a huge risk on his life. It’s important to note that the third method does not affect the Rhino’s body at all. Mostly they feel no pain at all when their horns are removed. They are in fact blissfully unaware that itis happening at all -because they are basically dead cells, exactly made from the same cells (creatine) that your nails are made of. In my opinion, I am thinking in a creative solution. My solution idea is to create Rhinos in labs. Simply by taking two cells from two Rhinos, a cell for the DNA, and add them in a stimulating environment in a lab room. The validity of this solution in all cases such as:(medical, legal, and financial) is still not discussed in a detailed way. But that’s how I imagine it would be solved.

The Rhino’s crisis is closely related to social culture in Most of East Asian countries. The rumour that is referred to the ancient Asian medicine; that says that Rhino horns cure cancer, is blamed for the Rhino’s world population on the verge of extinction. Despite it literally have no scientific bases, many people in East Asia still believe in it, because for many people; culture is culture. This fact makes 1 Rhino’s horn cost $7500 per 1kg. Which is really more expensive than gold. Here comes a new factor in the game, financial factor. The high cost of Rhino’s horn, and the relatively poor life in South Africa, makes it easy to lure South African people to strike into this business.

After discussing all these information, let’s imagine the scenario of Rhino’s extinction. How will the ecosystem be affected?An ecosystem is a biological community of different interacting organisms and their environments. Rhinos are mega herbivores, which play a vital role in ecosystems. Rhino grazing help maintain savanna grasslands. By eating old grass, new fresh grass is auto-planted, this can make new and better homes for thousands of creatures. Carbon sinks are anything that absorb carbon more than it emits. Such as plants. Rhino’s work as natural carbon sinks. They store carbon dioxide. If Rhinos go extinct, it will not cause a disaster only for the savannas, but for the whole planet. This is due to the fact that the emission of carbon dioxide is one of the major causes for global warming and climate change.

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