In General: Anatomy of Competitive Advantage

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  • Introduction
  • Fear as the Best Motivator
  • Conclusion
  • Reference


Creativity along with innovation are elements that interact in the business field as we have discussed in class. But as the market grows and gets more and more competitive, those two elements have a more important role to play in organizations, because they can develop those competitive advantages that allow them to remain being successful. As well-known concepts, they are different from one another, creativity is the ability a person has to create something new and original, ideas; on the other hand, innovation is turning those ideas into products, processes or services. Even though they are different, they work together to give as a result those changes that lead to customer satisfaction.

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From this management course, we have learnt that applying creativity and innovation goes from the business model to strategic alliances, the development of the talent of a firm. For organizations, to be innovative is vital. Because it leads to being different from the others and to have a plus in the market, which creates competitive advantages. In every functional area or department in an organization, creativity and innovation can be applied, and this is not a matter or marketing only as we may think.

Fear as the Best Motivator

In his article “Fear becomes the unintended consequence of creativity/innovation” Campbell states that we as humans are always concerned for some sort of stability, and that leaders must have creative and innovative features within, thus to create a climate that evolves easily and effectively. For a manager, is a stressful situation to drive a company to the most wanted competitive advantage, which leads to that fear of the unknown (innovate) and then the anxiety that comes with it, as expectation. He also states that ‘the unintended consequence of fear can manifest into resistance and an unconscious inhibitor in producing creativity and innovation’ to me this means that the fear of the unknown is what drives managers or leaders to success.


In the rush that organizations have in the search of competitive advantages, it is possible to find companies that innovate without doing a proper work of planning, structure and define objectives. The key is in managers, not allowing themselves being caught by thoughts that block that creativity and innovation; invest more time in a creative and innovative process, following a method that gives more opportunity to get astonishing results.


  • Campbell, K.(2015). Fear becomes the unintended consequence of creativity/innovation. Journal of leadership studies, Vol. 9, Issue 3, P60-61.-

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