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The term disabled has a varied span of meanings. The term disabled has some 7 medical sub-divisions. When used in reference to the self-driving of vehicles, this generally refers to an impairment of any or all of the four limbs in human beings. As regards, disabled vehicle hires a variety of disabled adaptions are possible. A person can have a complete limb impaired or have a prosthetic limb fitted ahead of the elbows or knees.

With disabled vehicle hire, there are a variety of hand and foot controls available for persons with a lower-body handicap as well as an upper body handicap Handicapped people generally do not like to think themselves inferior to normal beings or the attention of sympathy. An example is that of the great WW2 legless fighter pilot Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader with twin prosthetic legs, who was not only a pilot but a Spitfire ace as well, with 22 aerial victories! There is also the case of the legless Spitfire pilot, Flight Lieutenant Hodgkinson with tin legs who filled them with ping pong balls in order that water should not fill his tin legs causing him to drown in case of a bailout over the English channel. Once airborne at altitude he shouted on the radio “Bandits, bandits, bandits” upon hearing the repetitive sound of firing.

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That was in reality in fact only the ping pong balls within his tin legs exploding at altitude! Handicapped cars on rentals being used by a person operating a motorized wheelchair may face a storage problem, as motorized wheelchairs are not foldable. The person would then have someone store that in the car boot if that is large enough. In such a case the boot would have to be left open. Should that not be possible, such a person could consider hiring a larger van with a rear entrance ramp upon which a wheelchair could quite easily be rolled upon. The handicapped person’s vehicle is always fitted with an automatic gearbox. Hand or foot controls are added to the vehicle. Hand operated controls serve the function of a hand operated throttle and brake. These are adaptable to almost any car with an auto gearbox. With disabled vehicle hire some of the adaptions being. Hand controls serve the function of operating the accelerator and brake.

  • Steering wheels knob that makes steering the car easier to control.
  • Foot controls for people with impaired arms and hands.
  • Equipment that helps a person to get in and out of the vehicle like ramps, tail lifts, and wheelchair hoists
  • Rotating seats in a car would be of great assistance.
  • Relatively smaller features such as cushions and support equipment, mirrors that are adaptable, seat belts, safety belts and harnesses, board, lifting belts or leg lifters, a lift to lift the wheelchair and person into position.

Many of the top worldwide car rental companies always have vehicles available for hire to be used for handicapped people at convenient locations as well as all the airports being served by these car rental companies.

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