India as Super-Power Country with Pokhran Test in 1998

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Bharat a rapidly developing country on the global front. Preforming a nuclear Mission is most important to us, show India’s strength among top countries in the world. But many countries are trying to stop India to do this since many years. They are coming out with a reason that world will be in danger if every country perform these missions. So our country performed secret Pokhran test in 1998 to get a strong uphold of world BIG – 5 list. Bharat with successful Nuclear Mission finally got space on high round table.

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Smiling Buddha Mission

It is our 1st victory of detonation with nuclear when Indira Gandhi is our P.M. But in May 1974 Bharat announced it’s “Tranquil Implosion of Nuclear” with sanctions threat. But with global front Bharat became N.S.G& got waiver as nuclear suppliers.

In 1995 Bharat wanted to show it’s country with nuke when P. V. Narasimha Rao was our P.M. But performing place detected by satellites of US. But some how our P.M. managed impose sanctions.

Pokhran Test in 1998

With burning desire our country performed 5 Nuclear detonations. Dr.A P J. Abdul Kalam as director, Engineers&scientists of nuclear mission team made first nuclear missile test of 150 – 250 km range.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee was our P.M. Our country performed 5 series of nuclear detonations May 11th, 13th at Pokhran ranges, Thar. On May 11th Shakti I, II, III & On May 13th Shakti IV, V detonations took place. On May 13th our P.M. declared Bharat is a “full-fledged state with nuclear power”.

Perspective of Bharat after Pokhran test in 1998

With performing this Mission-India expected that “this mission needs to end Bharat isolation from universe”. This mission made Bharat perspective unique on the global front.

Bharat is first country to hold Nukes other than 5 security council members.

India had joined, declared nuclear weapon states, Big-5 countries under N.P. T. -Nuclear Non – Proliferation Treaty. And became member of UN Security council with bombs power&authority. Finally this mission built new relationship with US.

In 2008 September, after 3 decades (1974-2004) N.S.G waiver on Bharat led by US has lifted. It has given boost to strengthen our country’s nuclear power in global market.

Then Bharat started many nuclear plants & signed deals of nuclear parks for many nations. Share of electricity generated in 2016&17 is 3.05% with nuclear power. In future it would increase.

India’s accomplishments that have been forgotten in today’s world

Foreigners invaded India, robbed our wealthy glory, even though facing anti social elements & partition disputes it’s Bharat that stands before world as strong & fast growing country.

Since 1947 Bharat achieved many things that forgotten by today’s world some of those are

Bharat with Nuclear Mission shown courage to universe & made US to fear flash source of nuclear power.

Bharat faced biggest challenge & succeeded finally establishing Bharat foreign policies. It gave importance for Democracy & nuclear source to make path to future Bharat&US Nuclear agreements.

Bharat opened flood doors for obligations, penalties, Economics & Isolation just jumped into club of Nuclear. Finally got on high round table with Big – 5 country club.

India is one of largest democratic country, large armed forces with best nuclear powers. Bharat lunched INS Arihant- Nuclear submarine too.

Bharat is 1st Asian country to built Apsara – Nuclear plant.

We are one of advanced countries with advanced space & Defense technology because of Indian Space Research Organization. Bharat is first country that developed satellite for domestic use. Bharat sent unmanned missions to moon.

It is Bharat 1st Asian&4th country in the world to reach Mars orbit for first attempt.

There is rapid growth in IT sector. Bharat developed PARAM – world’s lowest cost super computer.

Green Revolution has effect on food grain production increase. Also Life expectancy grown.

I feel this is best opportunity to recollect “Bharat’s glory” on occasion of Independence day.

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