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India Today in 2019

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The India today magazine is an English weekly magazine published by Living media India Ltd based in New Delhi. It was established in 1975 during the times of emergency as an investigative journal by Vidya Vilas Purie along with his children Madhu Trehan and Aroon Purie and Aroon is the present editor-in-chief. Later it eventually became a platform that provided news and current affairs for residents all over the world. At present, India Today is the most widely read publication in India with a readership of 15. 9 million and it is also published in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. The magazine front cover is a reflection of its content, it’s catchy and creative. The page opens with the editorial by the editor-in-chief Aroon purie. There he shares his thoughts, opinions, views etc. The next page is about the content of the magazine which they called as ‘INSIDE’.

The content begins with ‘UPFRONT’ that discusses a well rounded perspective on a variety of subjects like about the recently happened news and incidents, events, controversies, views etc. Most of these are mainly published with some ‘Spicy Masala’ elements to make it more human interesting. Then it moves on with cover stories about topics that is having the relevance in the present scenario. This is presented with pictures, data, quotes etc. which took readers to places. The latter part is of entertainment section which they named as ‘LEISURE’. As the name itself says this section gives a leisure experience to readers. This section moves on with interviews, reviews, discussions etc.

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The content ends with an interesting interview section which they named as ‘Q+A’, which is a short interview with celebrities in a distinctive way. The magazine is good at its clarity of images, maps, graphics and the analysis. The matter is presented in simple language which makes reading comfortable. The magazines business minded approach is unfair, half of the magazine is occupied with many advertisements, which sometimes feels like a décor magazine or a catalogue. Sometimes while reading we feel certain articles are either sponsored or written without much research. India today is a magazine which presents the contents that marks the expectation of its readers most of the time. That may be the reason why it is leading magazine in readership for times.


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