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Indian Culture: an Introduction and Analysis

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The subculture I choose to study is the Indian culture, not the native American culture kind. To find more about this subculture I want to study a lot of thing they do. I would like to study there rituals, roles, places and artifacts that Indian people are involved in.

Mohammada, Malika. The Foundations of the Composite Culture in India. Delhi: Aakar, 2007. Print. The main focus of this book is to show that Hindu-Muslim unite as historical points , social points, and culture factors how they adapted many years ago. How the Muslim peoples rulers were cruel to the people and the society. This can help me get more into the culture of India.

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Arnett, Robert. India Unveiled. Columbus, Ga: Atman, 1996. Print. The book is about a man spending time in India for 18 months. His purpose of doing that was to see how the lifestyle was like in India. He tries to put himself to the get along with the beliefs and customs. I can get more involved to the beliefs and customs that I want to learn more about.

Makar, Eugene M. An American’s Guide to Doing Business in India: a Practical Guide to Achieving Success in the Indian Market. Avon, MA: Adams Business, 2008. Print. The main purpose of this book is to see how people can react the business in the Indian market. Also they had compared and contrast the to cultures of India and America. That India culture has a lot of positive things about the Indian market than the American market. This can help me because it basically tells how to start a business in India.

Kalman, Bobbie. India: the Culture. Toronto: Crabtree Pub., 1989. Print. This is just about how everyday living is India. They explain how they celebrate their holidays. Like how they dress and the language. Then their beliefs and customs in India. This information helps me get more involved with the culture.

Welcome to India – for Tourism, Travel, Visit and to Explore. Web. 21 Mar. 2008. . This website shows the tourism in India. Like the places to go when you get there and the fun things to do in India. The reasons why people should go to India is to see the views like the mountains, also with the culture and lifestyle. It also explains why people should go to India. This can help me because it shows what it is like in India.

Home: National Portal of India. Web. 27 Oct. 2011. This is about the Indian government. It talks about how people react with or against the India government. Also has numbers of the country like the population and things like that. I think this can help me with the numbers that data can prove points about it.

“Indian Lifestyle – Indian People’s Lifestyle, Indian Way of Living, Life of People in India.”India Guide – Culture, Facts, Lifestyle, Cars, Bikes, Art & Entertainment. Web. 15 Feb. 1998. This talks about Indian peoples lifestyle. How in the country they use their transportation and get around to other places. How the life of Indian people are in India. This can help me cause I can relate it to the American lifestyle.

Bce, 500. “History of India.” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 27 Oct. 2011. This source is about the history of India in the 500 BC era. Like how the customs and their religions with their beliefs. How the India language came about in India. This can help me that I can compare the history to India to the history of America.

Yun, Zee-Sun, and Dawn Thorndyke Pysarchik. “Indian Consumers’ Value-Based New Food Product Adoption.” Journal of Food Products Marketing 16.4 (2010): 398-417. Print. This article is about the food in India. They talk about the best herbs and spices in India that are also the most common. With this article I can use it to compare the Indian recipes to the American recipes. Tell how they are the same with ingredients and how they’re different.

Anasuya, A., S. Bapurao, and P.k. Paranjape. “Fluoride and Silicon Content of Foods from Normal and Endemic Fluorotic Areas in India.” Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 10.1 (1997): 43-48. Print. This article or journal whatever you wan to call it is about the fluoride and silicon foods in India. This may effect the people when they eat it that’s why its such a big problem in India today. This article can help me with my study of Indian culture because this makes me wan to know more about what goes into the food we eat.

Chandra, Sudhir. “Understanding the Problem of Northeast India.” India Review 6.1 (2007): 46-56. Print. This other journal explains the problems that happen in India. The main purpose of the problems is in the northeast part of India. How the pollution plays a big part with the cars that are in India. This journal can relate to my study of the Indian culture by the pollution that happens in the city.

Bharata Natyam Dances of India. Information Films of India, Dept. of Information & Broadcasting, 1953. This source is about the Indian culture of dancing. Like all the dances in India represent different things. They kind of have dances just like how the native Americans have dances that mean things to. This can help me relate to the study of Indian culture with the way the dress and how they dance comparing these things to American dance.

“India’s Aakash Tablet vs. the IPad.” Washington Post (blog). 28 Oct. 2011. Web. 28 Oct. 2011. . This newspaper article is about the Indian computer against the American ipad. It explains the differences and the same things of the two computers. This can help me relate because I can find the differences in the technology to see who’s is better.

With all the sources I have gathered. I can relate to my subculture in many of different ways. This is why I choose the Indian people because most of the things they do interest me. For example how the people in India don’t eat beef a lot. I wouldn’t be able to cause I like cheeseburgers. With all these sources I will be able to get to know India more.


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