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Indian Home-Made Desserts That People Of The USA Should Try

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India is a country enriched with serene natural beauty, mountains, rivers, lakes etc where the inhabitants are deeply rooted in the nation’s culture. They have mastered the skill of utilizing the nature’s resources to its best. The spices, herbs, fruits, and vegetables are produced using organic farming and hence are of supreme quality. You can a get such premium Indian Organic Groceries at a click of a button.

Visit our online store, Indian Grocery and buy some incredible grocery products from India. Apart from the Mughlai platters like Hyderabadi Biryani, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Tandoori, few more Indian dishes are there that are winning hearts of the people of the USA. These are sweet desserts! They are truly a delight to the one with a sweet tooth. Here are the top 3 Indian desserts that have made their way to the foreign bakeries and restaurants. #1 Gulab Jamun The dough is shaped to small balls and is slightly fried until brown. The ingredients used for preparing this are powdered milk, sugar, flour and sweet syrup. In Hindi, Gulab means rose and this Mithai is called “Gulab Jamun” because the sweet syrup used in tossing the dough balls contains rose water. This heavenly tasted Gulab Jamun is a mandatory dessert in India to serve in occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and festivals. #Ras Malai This dish has its origin in West Bengal and is now considered globally famous. The Bengalis usually dislike drinking milk and that’s the reason they came up with these wonderful sweet platters like Ras Malai, Payesh all made with milk.

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Tiny paneer balls are sweetened and boiled in sweet syrup. When they become super soft, they are dipped in the milk flavored with saffron and cardamom. The mixture is thickened until it gets a creamy texture and then it is chilled before serving. The aroma of this dish is incredible and sweet lovers should try this making at home immediately. #Jalebi When it comes to street foods, the most popular dessert that is sold in almost every street or gali of India is Jalebi. It is made with Maida batter, turmeric, soda, baking powder, and salt. The batter is poured in a hot Karai full of Dalda through a plastic bag or squeezing bottle in multiple ring shapes. They are fried until dark brown and then soaked in a cool and dry place. The crispiness in the Jalebi comes after the cooling process. You can try making these amazing desserts at home and give your friends and families a sweet surprise. All you need to do is to visit the website of Indian Grocery to grab online Indian groceries required to make these dishes. You can also try out buying their Indian Organic Spices that are known for their authenticity and fine quality.


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