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Indian Street Theatre as Mean of Mass Communication

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Indian street theatre or Nukkad Natak created as a work of art to show the sentiments of ordinary citizens; thus sprouted a radical new venue frame, which was then regularly classified as “theatre by the general population and theatre for the general population”.

Average folks, everyday life, issues and the shades of day by day life picked up a measurement in nukkad natak while making this specific type of Indian “natya” to stand separated in the midst of the group. Despite the fact that the art admirers and the examples of the Indian performance center marked that it is with the freedom of India, this specific venue shape turned out to be a significant amazing work of art in depicting the socio-political and the conservative state of autonomous India. Nukkad natak as an outflow of average citizens was there even in the antiquated long periods of remote past and was instilled in the well-established Indian conventions.

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It is a type of dramatic execution and introduction in outside open spaces, for example, nukkad (road corner), road, advertise, universities and so on without a particular paying group of onlookers. As a type of correspondence, it is utilized as a medium to spread social and political messages and to make mindfulness among the regular masses with respect to basic issues winning in the public eye. It was amid the 1940s, when various surely understood theatre chiefs and fans started to think outside the conventional settings and conveyed theatre nearer to the average citizens. They went to the remote networks to perform without being under the spotlight.

Not at all like the traditional type of theatre, Nukkad Natak developed with an arrangement of various feelings and transformed into a weapon of social change. It talked about the normal people, for the regular people. Nukkad Natak mirrored the disturbance of pre-autonomous India and depicted the monetary states of the time. As a one of a kind craftsmanship, it soon turned into a well-known type of correspondence with the majority. From the in abundance of diversion for the elites, Nukkad Natak moved past the utilization of symphony and huge stage and talked about the consuming shared, social, sparing and political issues. Taken after by the freedom, it formed into a prominent type of brief and cozy showy articulation. Nukkad Natak development of India started with an unmistakable socio-political motivation and worked intensely on issues of freedom and improvement. Folk Media which have been customarily utilized as a part of India as a methods for spreading data are various in nature and includes distinctive types of dramatization, move, tune, emulate, puppetry, and narrating. These are a portion of the mediums which are being utilized not for their aesthetic substance but rather for their adequacy as a potential instrument to spread correspondence messages. These types of media are essentially art which is available in remote zones. This isn’t just done by society individuals however by the individuals who have a tendency to grant messages for correspondence to spread mindfulness on the given subject. These society types of media are essentially considered as conventional types of dispersing messages as it utilizes the dialect of the regular masses who possess that zone.

With respect to order, customary society types of correspondence in India can be isolated into:

  • Folk Theatre
  • Road Play or Nukkad Natak
  • Puppet Shows
  • Fairs and Display
  1. 1Their subject is normally in light of the indecencies common in the general public. A portion of the normal topics are ‘Child Labor’, ‘Corruption’, ‘Women Empowerment’ and so forth.
  2. They feature irregular scenes illustrating distinctive angles and purpose of perspectives on a specific theme.
  3. The beat and the force of the scenes fluctuate continually that too quickly. This is important to keep the group of onlookers locked in.
  4. There is no particular part/character a craftsman plays in the play. The parts continue changing as when required by the scene. Here and there a craftsman may not by any means get an individual part and may be a piece of the ensemble.
  5. Since there is no particular part doled out to any craftsman, along these lines all specialists wear comparable dress. Dress which is generally favored is Kurta on pants/stockings and so forth.
  6. Nukkad Natak utilizes props as less as could be expected under the circumstances. Normally human developments are favored. Assume in a scene if there is a necessity for a man to be situated on a seat, so some other individual will turn into his seat.
  7. Be that as it may, as of late specialists are making utilization of creative and high power props, for example, gulal, chunni, lathi (stick), ropes and so on.
  8. Music is performed live and nothing is pre-recorded.

Instruments are typically drum, congo, dhol, dholak, harmonium and so forth. Despite the fact that nukkad natak has had a nearby collusion with indigenous people theatres of India at first glance, for example – Terukkuttu in Tamilnadu and Veedhi Natakam in Andhra Pradesh can be deciphered straightforwardly as society road theatres as specified by John D. H. Bringing down (2011), the shape isn’t essentially implied for excitement of the majority like the last mentioned. In a common sense feeling of the term, nukkad natak is a type of gathering show that is played outside, principally in the city, in school or college grounds, railroad station, showcase or in ghettos, where the gathering of specialists can collaborate with a wide area of groups of onlookers specifically, in the reason to not only engage but rather to trigger activism. While the road plays are liable to meet certain aesthetical parameters similarly as different types of prominent theatre, it’s fundamentally determined by the expectation of spreading messages of improvement, social liberation and political change, regularly as a component of a more extensive social and patriot development. Utilization of casual dialects that are consolidated with melodies, move and people expressions, least utilization of props or outfit and no showy set-up are the key aesthetical highlights of road plays. The endeavor is made to keep the frame clear of any overstatement and flush, yet the tone set to electric with trial approach. As per Bringing down, other than the established expressions and dramatization, Indian road theatre has been roused, as it were, by crafted by Bertolt Brecht, Augusto Boal, Utpal Dutt and Badal Sircar. The element that has made the frame prevalent in past couple of times is its versatility. Dissimilar to conventional theatres, the art require not to sit tight in the lobby for their gatherings of people to come, neither does the group of onlookers of road plays need to remain in line for ticket. In nukkad natak, theatre goes to the gathering of people, and not the other way around. The plays on road are fundamentally network based, short long and permit the extent of discussion with the group of onlookers after it gets over, not at all like the conventional method of correspondence that either utilizes a medium between the communicator and the beneficiary or get rid of the extension for criticism. Nukkad Natak is a type of workmanship play though the on-screen characters perform on a road with the live group of onlookers. Despite the fact that road plays have been around for quite a long time, their utilization in promoting has been built up decently as of late.

The idea is fairly straightforward and involves the utilization of a road play/Nukkad Natak where the on-screen characters pass on the data about the item or brand for the motivations behind advancement. The same can be utilized as a prelude to different exercises or separately with print bolster.

Entertainment sells

Convincing a potential customer to attend an evening of dance and music is always easier than to convince them to attend a sit-down information exchange.

Why? Because leisure is more attractive than work.

Therefore, it is easier to attract the audience and ensure attendance through Nukkad Natak.

Effective communication

Retaining the initial interest of audience is a significant factor to the success of a rural marketing campaign and the refreshing pattern of giving necessary information assists in doing just that.

Higher brand recall

Answer a simple question, would you remember a brand that whose pamphlet you saw or the one who explained you their product or service through a performance of street plays?

The answer is enough to comprehend the relationship between use of Nukkad Natak and higher brand recall.

Support through word of mouth

It is human nature to appreciate something different than ordinary and it is only natural that such efforts are shared among groups. Nukkad Natak can make your brand topic of discussion for the evening in many different groups and increase reach as well as awareness.

Assists in social media marketing

A video made with the objective of selling might be ignored by many customers but simultaneously the one whose content is an entertaining street play may get their attention. I Nandini Bansal, is a student of Journalism & Mass Communications as well as a theatre artist. I have performed many street plays (nukkad nataks) in my school as well as I am currently performing in my college. When I was in school I did various nukkad nataks on save water, save our monuments, save environment and save girl child in front of local masses.

As an experienced individual I strongly feel that nukkad natak do hold a great impact on people’s life and they go straight into their heart and mind thus communicating what it actually wants to communicate. As it says nukkad natak is ‘for the masses and by the masses’ which means we as the masses understand the social issues going on around us which needs immediate action, so we pass this information to rest of the masses by performing nukkad natak in public places. I too feel a strong connection with the topic as well as the people while I perform in front of them, I feel it as a pure feeling. Thus, nukkad natak is very effective as well as challenging at the same time as it has altogether different and testing group of onlookers when contrasted with other play shapes. On the street we don’t have live music, set, lights, nothing is there to enable us out or to give impacts. Henceforth it is exceptionally troublesome for performer to hold the group of onlookers together and sit tight for the play to wrap up. One individual will appreciate the play just if it is valuable for him/her. What’s more, giving a social message has dependably been key for effective street plays. It gives everybody exercise and conviction to battle against wrongs in the public arena. Additionally both the on-screen characters and crowds in street play are at same level, which isn’t found in theater and other act frames. So it associates us better with the general public. We get input effectively and this is the genuine wellspring of inspiration. I have been performing street plays for 5 years and it gives me tremendous delight when everybody around is taking our message home and hailing our work. Street play ought to be improved the situation individuals as it is the frame essentially centered around social mindfulness and inspiring of the general public. Be intense. Be inventive. Be ironical. Be clear. Be social.

Thus, “Street play is always meant to have a role in social awakening and reformation. It is also important because such plays go beyond dialogues. It is the best medium to interact directly with the target audience for sensitizing them on a problem”.


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