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Indian Sweets With Enriching Health Benefits

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Very few of us are aware that desserts have some inherent health benefits and India sweets too fall under the category. Loaded with sugar and lots of fatty acids, sweets can actually enhance our health when consumed reasonably. This article gives the names of some popular variant of sweets that also carries health benefits besides satisfying the sweet tooth.

Despite being loaded with calories, sweets can also make a consumer healthier! None of us has ever thought of it earlier. The profound love all have for the sweet delicacies, especially Indian can really be good for their health. The reason we all crave for sweets? Delicacies with a higher amount of carbohydrates nourish the brain and release certain chemicals in the body, such as serotonin, which sparks emotional well-being in the consumer. Nevertheless, indulging yourself one or two times a day with some sweet dessert can actually refresh your mind as well as body. While none of you has thought about sweet desserts this way, here are pointed out some distinctive types of sweets that are of Indian varieties and can contribute a lot to the health by being nutritious and immunity booster.

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Dry Fruits Barfi

Shaped in square or small rectangles, these sweets solely constitutes of different nutritional dry fruits as ingredients, namely almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, pistachios, dry figs and seedless dates. Apart from that, it needs milk, cardamom powder, nutmeg powder and ghee to be cooked. Each barfi serves as a pure nutritional bar, being rich with iron, calcium, minerals, fiber, omega 3 and multivitamins. It’s a great appetizing option for breakfast.

Date Rolls

Well, the name suggests the key ingredient of this sweet delicacy. Other ingredients used for preparing date rolls are almonds, ghee (from cow’s milk), and gum (or gond) that emanates from plants’ root or stem incisions. The gum acts as a great coolant and comprises of soluble fiber. The date rolls are prepared by adding gum to heated ghee in a pan and then sautéing the dates in it for some time. It comes as a paste, to which other ingredients and then are shaped into rolls. Dates being enriched with iron boost bones’ strength and immunity while ginger prevents inflammations in body.


Made from sesame seeds and that too the roasted ones, Chikki has immense health benefits for the women. It eliminates imbalances in the hormonal toxins and reduces pain at the time of their menses. Its other ingredients are jaggery and ghee or oil. Chikki preparations can also be topped or refined by adding up other ingredients like almonds, dalia, peanuts, roasted walnuts. Jaggery being a great source of iron, and sesame for calcium, Chikki comes as a premium energy bar for the sweet lovers.


Made from low-fat milk and with fruits like Apple, Rabri is an essential Indian dessert relished after meals. Other chief ingredients that add awesomeness to the flavor of Rabri are cardamom or elaichi, some jaiphal or nutmeg powder and of course fine sugar. The healthy side? It comprises of lower calories and carbohydrates being made from low-fat milk. However, you cannot ignore its protein content for which it is often added as a part of the diet, especially of elders, children and ailing ones. So, the next time you munch on some sweet bars, do not be guilty inside for it may do some good for your health. Apart from containing loads of sugar and fats, they have some essential nutrients and minerals too. However, too much of anything is never good for health. So, be sure to relish sweets in some limited amount.

Author bio is the Marketing Head at Indian Grocery, a premier online retailer of Indian sweets, gourmet food and groceries in USA. It is the chief seller of famous Shri Krishna Sweets, which is the traditional brand known for offering authentic Indian sweets since time immemorial. Their exclusive product Shri Krishna Mysore Pak is best known among the sweet lovers for its pure ghee and valuable nutrients.


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