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India'S Way Of Having A Financially Healthy Future

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India is a land which is still in its journey towards becoming a developed nation and match dollar for dollar with the most advanced economies which exist in the world in today’s day and age. One of the core drivers of the economy happens to be the world of stocks and finance. Investing is a wonderful tool and was originally transformed in the United States of America to help the common man gain more control over their financial health and have money work and grow for themselves.

In the days of the past, the Carnegies and the Rockefellers of the world would dictate certain sectors of the economy. Eventually, they were dissolved into a system which was more ubiquitous for the average person and allow them the capability to invest. In the following few pointers, one will gain a deeper insight into the problem of awareness which India faces in today’s age regarding investments and its value, and different ways in how to overcome this challenge in the near future.

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One of the most fascinating things about human behaviour pertains to how it is able to channel energy towards the direction where it could sense value. In today’s time, the average Indian in several cases, faces the problem of complacency with their financial health and thus remains unaware of the various tools at her/his disposal which will increase their chances of making their money grow at a much faster rate than usual. In order to increase awareness regarding investments in this nation, one needs to educate the individual about the value which investments are able to provide. This will require a systematic survey into the average Indian’s present financial health and to contrast it with the value which investments would be able to provide.


A huge misconception which the Indian mass currently suffers from is the notion of associating extremes volatility with all of the financial world. Investing is often connoted as simply betting your money blindly. This is simply untrue. Betting at a casino may be done blindly, but investing is an entirely different world. It comes down to strategy and having a deep understanding of the market. When an individual is able to get a grip over how the market would generally function by reacting to a set of different scenarios, the predictions become more and more accurate. Investing money could be done at different levels to suit the risk appetite of the investor. The extreme ends exist along with a plethora of options in the middle. One may invest in bonds which are considered to be one of the most secure instruments to opt for in order to sink your money into.

The world of cryptocurrency on the other hand, lies at the other end of the spectrum. The sector is highly volatile and is meant for those with a larger risk appetite. Therefore, it is important to help people realise the true nature of investing and not be intimidated by falsities which surrounds the concept in today’s time. One of the most secure and excellent investments which one may make with their capital is to sink it into a successful mutual fund. These instruments are one of the finest and most popular means of investing which there is. With substantial returns along with good security, it allows people from different risk appetites to infuse their capital without too much of bothering. One of the prime examples of a quality mutual fund can be seen in the HDFC Mutual Fund. The HDFC Mutual Fund has been able to showcase consistent performance and being able to shell out substantial returns for their investors.


In the world of investing, the earlier the better. It is important for the Indian masses to realise this fact and be aware of the importance to sink in some of their capital into an array of financial instruments in order to secure better chances of having a financially healthy future. The Indian crowd currently lacks the understanding of this insight and thus, misjudges their plan of action by choosing to stay away from the world of finance. The magic of compounding will be able to allow the average Indian be able to bring multifold change in their capital and have better chances at reaping far more than the marginally incremental changes which a mere savings account may provide. Investing is directed at accelerating the growth rate of your capital.

Once the Indian understands the importance of time when it comes to investing, it will be a fantastic motivator for them to allocate and sink in the necessary capital at the earliest possible stages of their lives. There you have it! The road towards making India a country which is aware and excited about the world of finances is peppered with some interesting challenges which could be tackled in a constructive manner. With proper guidance which involves simplification of the knowledge into bits which could be easily understood by the commoner will shed the facade of complexity which the world of investing currently holds in the country. The visage of being something meant for only a few requires to be shed and replaced with the truth of the matter instead: anyone can invest.


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