Individual Assignment on Education and Job Performance


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Education Definition

Education is defined as the scholastic knowledge, scholastic degrees and/or the number of school years a person has achieved from all levels of educational institutions: secondary school, university as well as graduate school.

Performance Rating Definition

Performance rating defines as the job evaluation on employees’ core task, citizenship and counterproductive performance. Core task refers to the particular duties associated with a specific job and it places emphasis on criteria such as job output and productivity. Citizenship performance refers to employees’ organizational engagement outside their task performance which helps to enhance the organization’s overall productivity. Counterproductive performance defines as employees’ actions such as theft which hurts the company’s interest.

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The proposed hypothesis is that job performance is positively related to education e.g. obtaining higher education level yields better job performance.

Relationship Between Education and Job Performance

The article College education and police job performance: A ten-year study conducted data related to the above-mentioned two variables in the police department. However, the authors did not have a hypothesis as they were unsure the pattern of the two variables.

Education was categorized as education degrees achieved and the number of school years obtained. The sample means were 1.24 and 1.18, respectively. Data were obtained by surveying 84 policemen. The education degrees were coded as binary variables with no for 1 and yes for 2. Years of school were measured on a five-point scale and had a sample mean of 3. Education was also being defined as a predictor variable, that is authors assumed education is a predicting factor of police officers’ performance.

The study focused on the supervisory rating aspect of the job performance on the same 84 policy personnel. In total, five dimensions of the job performance including job knowledge were measured and dimensions were measured on a five-point scale. The sample mean of job knowledge was 4.43.

The result of the study showed there was a statistically significant correlation between the predictor variable (education) and supervisory ratings of job knowledge. Obtaining two-year degree (r=0.24, p<0.05), four-year degree (r=0.26, p<0.05) and years of school (r=0.25, p<0.05) were correlated with job knowledge. Since supervisor’s ratings on the job knowledge are one dimension of the rating on the job performance, performance is positively related to education. In other words, variables in education all have correlation coefficients around 0.25 with job performance at the significance level of 5% e.g. at the confidence level of 95%.

The finding from the article supports the hypothesis that higher education leads to higher job performance.

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