Individual Planning in Open and Typed Agent Systems


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Spatial planning systems refer to the methods and approaches used by the public and private sector to influence the distribution of people and activities in spaces of various scales. “What do you consider are the key principles by which the planning system of any nation state may be judged? Give reasons for your answer.”

Spatial planning policy of any nations can depend on many principles, but there are some fundamental key principles, namely, the democratic principle, the subsidiary principles, the participation principles, the integration principle, the proportionality principles and precautionary principle.

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The Democratic Principle

The democratic principles of spatial planning depend on the form of government, which means a good government, whose values based on pure democratic principles, will always have a master plan in mind, in terms of spatial planning as this directly involves with people’s lives. Which is why the planning decision are decided by elected politicians from local level to national level, but they will take expert advice at different stages. however judiciary system will check to make sure human rights is protected through the decision process.

Now a days spatial planning is really important for any democratic country and UK is one of the top most country, hence there are some parties who already included this key issue within their election manifesto or within their core values. For example, green party of UK,s under 2015 election manifesto point no 5, proposed to build affordable homes, including half a million social rent home. This is not only the Green party’s doing, the other parties also taken that sort strategy and currently implementing. For example, conservative government introduces help to buy, share to buy and equity loans to provide affordable homes. Conservative took challenge to deliver 300,000 homes every year by investing £44bn and 130,000 houses hold with their deposit to buy their homes. This category under major development.

High speed rail link to London, New power station at hunters ton are required discussion to implement. Heathrow airport. This are under national development category.

The Subsidiarity Principle

The subsidiarity is a local requirement, but it can’t be addressed on its own, hence it needs to be escalated to higher for decision to achieve at greater benefit. For example, if Scotland wants to reduce the carbon emission within its own state, then it would be better if whole UK gets involved with planning strategy for the greater benefit.

The Participation Principle

This principle goes beyond democratic principles, and make effective decision, the politician get community involved for making any important decision. It also legitimacy

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