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Individual Reflection Report About The Personal Experience During The Information Managerial Use Module And Managerial Decision Process Module

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This is the individual reflection report about the personal experience during the Information Managerial Use Module (MDP) and Managerial Decision Process Module (IMU) while this report prepared by me which is the incidents that I face in block one and two. In my reflection report I will try to explain positive image of what happened in during my MDP and IMU classes and how it could be useful in my future. When I entered Otago Polytechnic Auckland Campus I just only had reasonable information of marketing in my professional life while in my college life I simply found out basic knowledge about the administration part. Reason of choose the Graduate Diploma in Applied Management, I hoped to expand my knowledgeable about theoretical concept in administration and promoting. Yet, current learning what I pick up is greatly higher than I thought. Mainly when I choose elective subject I manly focus about Marketing subject while Information Managerial Use module and Managerial decision Process becomes our compulsory papers. As a result of those subjects I have to contemplate marketing strategies and concepts as well as managerial decision theory (MDP) and Information managerial use theory (IMU). Prior to this class if someone ask me about what is the IMU and MDP I haven’t any idea about these strategies and I didn’t even know about the process of research proposal. That is identify the research problem, review the literature, specify the research purpose, collect data, analyze and interpret data and report and evaluate research. But end of the second block I am knowledgeable with every part of research process and IMU as well as MDP. It has been a while since the beginning at the college I really glad that I decided to study here because of , I think that the experience I got from between the block one and two are good purview to my career and future. From this subject I’m learned some important skills and findings as well. My experience as an international student has, overall been positive.

Learning Outcomes

After I entered class in MDP and IMU theory I gained several skills and improved my lots of skills in my life.

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Method of learning

At the point when begun working with lecturer of this subject, I confused with the course outline and question that he asked from us. Because most of student came from different education background and different education systems. When comparing learning method in Sri Lankan education with New Zealand education it’s quite different. The education of Sri Lanka based on tutorials, notes and paper base while in here it is unique since beginning of the class. The all subject based on experiential learning. That was probably hardest part to me. I found out about the circumstance and without frustrated I keep pushing independent from anyone else. The main advantage of the experience learning is, I was learned about real world. Experiential learning takes information and ideas and makes them “genuine” by applying them to hands-on errands, with genuine outcomes. As the understudy communicates with the data, it turns out to be genuine to them. Obviously, every understudy’s learning knowledge will be guided by their special past encounters, and hence each will collaborate with the data and the assignment in various ways – and with various outcomes. In this way, the experiential classroom is more like the “genuine” society. This is new experience and new challenge to me. I would prefer not to surrender this course due to that with advice of lecturer. To build my knowledge I took the opportunity to read course syllabus, some journals and books relevant to this subject and it will have helped me to expand my insight. During the self-education process, I obtain huge knowledge about the all stages of research and management concepts it can be helpful for me to use in practical live when I became manager. My knowledge also has increased about IMU and MDP theories. The most important part of this course is experiential education. Every part that I studied in the class from the research by myself. Apart from that, regular attendance of the class and working time schedule is give me a great opportunity to help me increase my punctuality as well as work under time frame.

Communication Skills

Working with multi-cultural people is new experience for me. Students who attend to the class belongs to different ethnicities such as Sri Lankan, Indian, Brazilian, Russian, Syrian and Chinese. Furthermore, in block one and two as a group I worked with different cultural people such as Russian, Indian, Chinese, Syrian and Sri Lankan. Working as a group, we got to chance to know each member very well and we learned about different cultures from others. In every time we make arrangement to meet each other’s and it was being good opportunity to share each other’s ideas. In sometimes we got hard discussion with each other’s to get one decision. Because of this discussion we agreed about in our first group assignment, take Smile Pay Company as our group assignment. When I was in Sri Lanka I studied in mother tongue and my English is not perfect. After we studied in here beginning of the class as a rule of lecturer we only got a chance to speak only in English. That’s the huge advantage for everyone to polish their English.

Work as Team

I developed lot of things when working as a team member in group assignment. Working in groups can make work significantly simpler and fulfilling knowledge for understudies. By involving in myself into a group, I expanded my involvement in assignments, put in more effort, increased more prominent fulfillment and turned out to be more satisfied after finishing the project. Likewise, working in gatherings can be trying now and again and it requests an arrangement of abilities. With this undertaking, increased reasonable information about the way assignment situated gatherings work and what multifaceted nature it includes. At to begin with, it was hard for me to comprehend the entire procedure of collaboration and the measure of relational abilities it included yet by embraced this undertaking in gatherings, I have surely built up a more grounded feeling of commitment among the individuals and expanded weight towards the finishing task. I’ve learnt many things about myself while working with my group members in attempted this task and furthermore found that I am fit for accomplishing nearly anything on the off chance that I put my spirit and heart into it.

Using Digital Resource & Time Management

One of the significant difficulties of finishing the task was finding the correct sort of articles as far as clear setting and theme. Numerous exploration techniques and assets were utilized to find the fitting articles and it was something which wasn’t simple in any way. Mainly Robertson Library is helpful resource for find the journal, books and articles. The second real test was to make an appropriate explained list of sources of each article which was similarly as troublesome as finding an article. However, the given valuable sites and online assets helped me defeat this issue and influenced me to comprehend the key vital focuses associated with the way toward composing clarified list of sources. Using this learning, I could condense the articles in redress design and furthermore reference it in a legitimate way. At last, another factor that tested me in finishing the task was time. As I was working out the book index deliberately and investing more energy in exploring and perusing the articles altogether, I understood that I was running shy of time before the due date, so I needed to sharpen up my speed.

How to do Presentations

When I was coming here I am shy person to talk in front of lot of people in English. In the second day he gave us some topics to present as much as we can. That was the first time I’m present in front of class. In that time, it’s a huge challenge for me. After practicing several times in front of mirror I complete my first presentation in front of the class in second day at the college. I gave my presentation at last because I want to take advantage of seeing others presentation and take strategies. This class gave me a huge opportunity to develop my presentation skills and my speaking skills.


Overall, I believe that my educational experience was positive in college. I was very with many things that I have learned and experienced in these 16 weeks of being a student of MDP & IMU student. I believe that Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus should keep this quality and learning method further as well.


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