Industrial Revolution: Introduction to a New World

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Throughout the Industrial Revolution years, many inventions were made and new things were discovered. The inventions made were and still are useful in everyday lifestyles. It definitely was not all doom and gloom as there were many treasuring events that happened and all the new things that were created. However, not everything that happened was very positive as there were many horrible things that happened to most of the people living in industrial times. I would like to tell about Industrial Revolution: introduction and results.

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It’s easy to talk about how horrible the Industrial Revolution was towards most citizens, however other citizens sure did have a positive, achieving lifestyle. The new machinery and factories lead to many job opportunities and it became the reason why most supplies are being produced faster. Many new machinery and different things were made, and made a very big impact to how we live today. Electricity played a big role in the Industrial Revolution, before electricity was made/founded people used steam power to make the machines run. Michael Faraday was the founder of electricity, he started to study it and with all the knowledge he invented this source which was then used for many things such as, light bulbs, telephones etc.

Hence all the great things about the Industrial Revolution, it also had a variety of negative impact on many things too. As the population increased, which led to many people getting sick and living in unsafe conditions. Most workers had a very difficult time putting up with all the horrible things such as, long hours, no breaks etc.

Workers that worked at most factories had a very horrible time. The workers at the factories were underpaid and didn’t get enough money from all the hours they spent in the factories. They rarely had breaks for eating their food and were forced to work indoors without any sort of sunlight reaching to them. Most businesses also started hiring children to work in factories because they had the ability to go into small places and was easier as they had smaller bodies and the bosses/managers had a reason to give their workers less money as to them being ‘younger’ or ‘smaller’.

In my opinion I believe that the Industrial Revolution did have a good and bad impact on how we live today. However, if it weren’t for all the force into the factories the machines and inventions we use today wouldn’t be created. With the sacrifices like the child labour and the people being forced into poverty by their jobs being taken over, the world now is so much better than it would have been if there was no Industrial Revolution. Without the Industrial Revolution this world wouldn’t have been the place it is today. If not, we would still be like them back then, hopelessly crazy and just starting to figure out the simple things we all know now.

In conclusion, the Industrial Revolution was definitely not all doom and gloom, as most of the machinery has helped us today. Without the Industrial Revolution, most of our technology would not have been available today including our cell phones. The Industrial Revolution is a good period of time to go back to and know the positive and negatives that occurred. 

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