Inequalities Between Men and Women in Sport

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Men and Women athletically, are different. Men contain traits from the biology of the human body that allow a man to run faster, jump higher, or just to be masculinely stronger than women. It’s not a fair trait but it’s the way god created us. But this trait does not mean that woman go unnoticed because they don’t compared to men. Just like men, woman have morals and values toward sport that gives them just as much privilege to participate in sports than men. Why is this? This is because in sports woman sacrifice their lives, times with their families, personal time, and bodies. Men sacrifice the similar values as woman which exposes the difference barrier. In today’s society women are being deprived the benefits of athletics.

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Gender equality is a important and huge issue in today’s sports. When it comes to sports men sit on the throne and women are the citizens standing at their feet. Women are always overlooked and it prevents them from the benefits of sport such as, teamwork, and perseverance, and more money. Whereas, men are encouraged to benefit from sports because that’s what a man is obligated to do. Thinking back in the past, the typical woman either cooked, cleaned, or did what women were supposed to do. That way of life is still portraying today and is becoming a norm for society. Woman sports are viewed as sports that are less contacted and competitive. Which allow individuals to view the sport as a joke. It’s not fair for women that actually have passion and love for their sport. Women try just as hard if not harder than men to accomplish goals. But no one takes them serious. Some individuals would say that women sports aren't exciting to watch. Despite the fact that throughout the years women sports have publicly grown and developed, but the media aspect and sponsorship money still remain an issue for women sports. Which is why women equality in sports remain an issue.

We additionally need to require more decision making in educational programs. Young women should not be forced to choose between dance and gym while young men get to explore and do outside activities. All extracurricular activities should be open to every gender. Young women can exceed expectations at any sport just like a man could.

Our governing bodies need to change, as well. Men sports receive government money and it is only fair if the women sports receive their fair share. A grounded voice for women in sports is needed for the sportswomen population to express the values and thoughts to situations which can help afflict change how women are viewed in sports. If our society continues this same mind set, generations of young woman are going to draw away from women sports because there’s no gender equality. Title IX was passed by congress, giving women equal rights in all government funded and sport program, and prohibited discrimination. High school and College programs are still not able to meet these requirements because men sports are praised so heavily in our country. Woman receiving scholarships, coaching jobs, or even the lack in uniforms are problems that woman sports face around this world. We’ve never had a women president. It has nothing to do with sports but it proves a significant point that men rule this world, and that’s not how it should be.

The first step to leveling the playing field in sports is to rewrite the stereotypes of women. Which will give women a chance to prove that they can do just as much as a man can do if not better. If individuals were to to think differently about women playing sports, more women would be supported with the route they take in sports. Comments like, “Oh wow I didn’t know she could do that” is the most useful stereotype of them all because its makes it seem like just because she's a woman that doesn’t mean she can’t do impressive moves in sport. Relating back to my first paragraph, woman sacrifice the same values in sport as men which makes us no different. Another step to leveling the playing field should be raising professional women athletes salaries and allowing college and high school women athletes an equal share of government money. Most College universities are out populated by female to male. Meaning that the ratio of male and female is 1/10. For every male there’s 10 females. If a women athlete was to preveal in her sport and be the best she would draw attention from other girls who look up to her and wants to be just like her. That woman athlete could be advertised all around campus. Which will be seen by all of the women on campus. Maybe after seeing those advertisements women and men would want to go buy that athletes jersey or model her look. This is what major sport programs do for their main male athlete. If we put women on the same pedestal, how do we know if it would not be the same outcome.

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