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Inequality & Injustice In Today'S World

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Inequality & Injustice

All around the world, political and law making institutions play a significant role when the question of justice and peace arises. These institutions are more than just symbols of the political and federal structure of the country, rather they are the “backbones” of the society whose ultimate role is to maintain law and order and prevent its citizens from being victimized by inequality and injustice. Without the existence of these institutions, society would be anarchic and calamitous. These institutions exist and work on an equilibrium between freedom and power, where the perfect balance becomes the ultimate key to establish law, order, and peace, and thus maintain a healthy functioning and civilized society.

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However, on the contrary, in our modern times, because of the decreasing importance given towards the feeling of moral and social duties, these institutions have failed to justify the very purpose for why they were established. Indeed the purpose to maintain a balance between power and freedom, to protect its citizens from being victimized by inequality and injustice, and to secure the inherent rights of the people from violation. When these institutions were first generated, these principles and policies were strictly put into practice, however, today in our developing world, these seem to be fading into dimness. Thus if these main principles are not followed and put into practise, then there is simply no reason for these political institutions to exist at all. If the very people who are to stay unbiased and are given the responsibility to address each individual with their problems and complains and assure them with a solution have forgotten the worth of fulfilling their moral and social duties; who have become corrupted by their personal desires, then certainly there is no actual legislative body in existence who can address this critical situation for the toxic reality that it has become.

It comes rather as a surprise and clearly unexpected that although we are living in progressive times where we have acknowledged the very ability to challenge and redefine unrighteous norms, the existence of inequality and injustice still seems to persist at high ranks in our modern day society. Even though these institutions were established to protect the fundamental rights of the people and provide them with a better standard of living, the fact that inequality still exists has become inevitable. On the other hand, on a global level, more and more “equality laws” are being written down annually which makes this situation quite juxtaposing. Although however implausible it may seem, many believe in the theory that unlike the law of gravity or the theories given by Mendel, equality is not a “natural law”, and thus it seems highly impractical that equality will ever seem to exist. However, the fact that many of the problems rooting towards inequality are based upon social bias, intolerance, and unrighteous stereotypical norms, leaves us with the fact that the only “theory” to solve this is to reshape this adverse mentality and learn to become more tolerant.

Both inequality and injustice co-exist on many levels in a society. To begin with, we have an avalanche of multifaceted problems linked with social inequality which ultimately become the source leading to gender inequality, racial inequality, and wealth inequality. Because of these increasing disparities the need for a proper social justice system becomes even more crucial. The very fact that opportunity in employment, education, and politics are the main platforms in which inequality exists, can be the reason that hinders the equal availability of healthcare, food, clean water, and shelter for many. It’s also the reason behind how still many women get paid way less than men for the same job, which is entirely cruel because often it is so that these women are supporting a family either with or without a husband. Now the only reason why this injustice takes place is because still according to many, a man is considered to be superior to a woman; yet again a contribution of a male dominant and patriarchal society.

On a concluding note, we can agree that these political institutions were created for the well-being and safety of each individual, yet over the years they have failed to fulfill their moral and social duties as the leaders of society. The only way to put an end to this is by implementing certain policies that prove to be beneficial for people belonging to all classes, races, and genders. And this can only be done by the people who have the paper, the pen, and the power to address this issue and develop policies aimed at ending inequality. For instance, implementing pay equity and promoting workers rights, setting a minimum wage limit, and by stopping tax avoidance and illicit outflows so that money can be used to reduce poverty and inequality through investments in infrastructure and economic growth. Other than that, when the subject of gender based and racial disparity is raised, than the only solution is to step up and speak for what you believe. Create awareness, run campaigns, and make people realize that these unrighteous traditions need to be broken. The only way to end such disparity and injustice is by making an effort to bring a change. Because as Einstein once said: “ The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”.

The Adverse Effects of Pollution on the Environment

Environmental pollution has existed at large for the past centuries but started to turn substantial after industrial revolution. Since then the human activities aimed towards advancements have been the ultimate reason behind the slow decline of a sustainable planet. The major factors that contribute to environmental pollution exist at large. While the burning of fossil fuels in both industries and transportation contribute to air pollution, the inefficient drainage and disposal of waste becomes the prime cause of water pollution. Subsequently, soil and land pollution is caused due to contamination by hazardous chemicals linked to both industries and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for agricultural improvements. Looking at it, we can conclude that all these problems have the same root cause; human activities. While continuously being on the run for further development and advancements aimed at making lives and lifestyles easier, we have ended up putting all our natural resources as well as our surrounding environment at a huge risk without knowing that we ourselves are not safe from the hazardous effects in response.

All the biological and physical entities on the planet are interconnected and thus damage to any one results in a domino affect which slowly takes the rest in its grasp. The result in the end is large-scale destruction. As mentioned earlier, the major factors contributing towards pollution are human activities. For instance, the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere coming from industries and automobiles is not only the ultimate reason behind most harmful diseases but is also a constant threat to the ozone layer. Ironically, though how unfortunate it may seem, more trees and rainforest are being cut down to create room for even more pollution causing industries and businesses. If pollution continues to damage our atmosphere at this rapid rate, then the damage to the ozone layer will soon become irreparable, leaving the earth exposed to dangerous radiations from space.

On the other hand freshwater sources are being converted to waste dumps at an alarming rate, while the same polluted water is being used by a large amount of the world population. Pollutants and waste coming from industrial cities are being unloaded in water streams, while oceans are facing the impact of oil spills and marine transportation. Moreover, plastic pollution has become a deeply controversial subject because of its threatening consequences to both sea life as well as major water sources. Every year, about 10 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in the oceans worldwide, killing an immense amount of seabirds and marine mammals. With things continuing at this pace, we can expect to have almost zero sea life by 2030. Indeed this all comes as a horrendous surprise, but knowing that we are the ultimate reason behind this can perhaps bring a change.

Although many eco-friendly consumer goods are being produced and utilized, the fact that each individual needs to contribute in protecting the environment is still inevitable. Littering, dumping waste, and damaging the environment through avoidable actions is certainly something that we can all work on. Taking part in or organizing cleanliness drives, creating and promoting a recycling system, and encouraging the people around you to put in a little effort to promote a sustainable planet is something we can all try to do. “ We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” – Howard Zinn.

Racism & Discrimination

We live in a diverse world, where people of all races, religions, and ethnicities exist on a counterpoise. Yet, the increasing prejudice against the people unlike us has slowly evolved into an innate instinct of hatred and extreme dislike. Although we seem to be living in a progressing world where individuals have become much more aware and educated, yet the fact that racism and discrimination based on the unrighteous judgments of the past exists on high ranks in society makes this situation no less than ironic. We have become so immensely blinded by hatred and dislike that we have forgotten how it’s like to care for others irrespective of their race, religion, and beliefs.

The teachings and decisions that have been passed on over generations for an eternity are the main reasons behind the conflicts of today. Irrational and unjust judgments deeply embedded in old-fashioned and narrow-minded traditions and values that have been dominating the instinct of society for ages. Though how unfortunate this may come, but even today, in progressive times, where individuals are more independent and aware, the fact that our minds are constantly enslaved to this innate tendency of hatred and intolerance towards others remains. But, the most important thing that we all need to realize is the fact that despite all the differences and disparities within us, whether it’s religion, skin colour, or race, the one significant reality that we all have in common, that outsets everything else is our humanity.

We are all born equal. And we are all born unique, because in diversity lies beauty and strength. Because if every individual had been like the other, the world would be so grey and monochromatic. This becomes even more significant in a world like todays where the increasing hatred towards others is not only leading to ravaging conflict, but is also building up to become an abominable convention that the generations of tomorrow will be bound to follow, and thus the outcome will be nothing but perpetual hatred and dislike. As humans, it’s our natural tendency to define a set decorum of right and wrong, good and bad, true and false just because we believe in the fact that it will make our perspective as individuals more explicit. And in that race we often end up defaming and disrespecting the beliefs and opinions of other people, because we become so blinded by the thought of proving ourselves as right. But how do we even know that we are the ones who are right.

Our world is filled with people of distinct religions, beliefs, and perceptions and everybody has the right to practise their principles, yet the growing hatred is making it incredibly hard to survive without being chastised and judged. With every passing day, it has become difficult to co-exist with one’s true identity without having the fear of being isolated by the people around. And thus to avoid this significant stigma, many individuals adapt the policy of “over-shadowing” their distinctiveness and altering their profile in order to belong with the rest. But how can you possibly fit in when you were born to stand out? Because of this arbitrary fear, many end up losing their individuality and even their culture. They try to adapt themselves according to the judgments of others and in exchange leave their identity at a place from where it cannot be reclaimed. Being part of a new and progressive generation, I believe that accepting others despite their race, religion, and ethnicity is an unavoidable reality that we all need to work on. We are all born the same, yet the influence of society forces young minds to assimilate with the abominable prejudicial and detrimental opinions that have been passed on for generations.

Acknowledging each other and accepting each other’s imperfections is the only way to maintain a safe and secure environment where people of all groups can come together and appreciate each other’s presence. This might come to you as an overwhelming statement, as there are about 7 billion completely distinct humans out there, but small steps and minor changes in one’s own personality can make a huge difference. It can all work as a domino affect, where one person can impact the whole chain of individuals around the world. But, the starting point needs to be defined first, and that starting point can be you. “ Racism is man’s gravest threat to man – the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason. ” Abraham Joshua Heschel.

The Role of a Woman

In a progressive world, where most of the ever-dominant arbitrary conventions are being questioned and redefined by young inquisitive minds everyday, the role of a woman still remains a controversial debate. For many a woman is nothing but a mere “object” that has no feelings, no purpose, rather is a disgrace to those affiliated with her. In most of the third-world countries, this mentality is deeply embedded within the individuals and has now become the bitter-truth that dominates the instinct of the society. Yet in other places, rather in the first-world countries who claim to be the ultimate supporters and examples of gender equality and women empowerment, the fact that they themselves have struggled with this toxic patriarchal mentality still exists within the events of the past.

The reality that they themselves gave their women the right to vote in the 1920’s makes it evident that this issue has always been a globally recognized problem, and not just a mere issue of third-world mentality. Indeed the fact that developed countries are considering this issue with great concern and are trying their best to eradicate this disparity, yet the issue remains that this is not a fight with the traditions of the past, rather the deeply embedded amd innate mentality that forces one to always create a difference between men and women. Yes, men and women are physically distinct, yes men are more capable of carrying out physical labour than women, yes women have issues that make them more vulnerable to external stimuli, but even then this does not justify that men are superior to women. That their existence is more valued than the existence of a woman. Let’s not forget that the only reason why you and I are here today is because a woman gave birth to us.

Today, we see how many women rights activists try to encourage others to believe in this cause for equality, yet many fail to paint the accurate picture of women. Also because of this, the word feminism and its meaning has slowly evolved to become a controversial debate. A majority of people still believe that feminism refers to the women’s strong hatred and dislike towards all men on the planet and due to this strong opinion, this issue has never been considered to be resolved. Many carry an arbitrary fear that giving women the equal power as men will end in an imbalance as the women will use their power and lawful rights to suppress men. And indeed to a certain extent this can be witnessed! It’s not always the case, but many times women use this excuse to gain a certain level of attention. The matter of fact here is that even social justice has got a stereotype. To elaborate further, whenever we hear words such as sexual assault, gender discrimination, and inequality, the very first victims that come to our mind are women!

We have never considered men to be the victims of such problems. If in our society, women are isolated and treated unfairly, than at the same time men are taken away the right to be vulnerable and sensitive. They are taught to be rigid, and had harsh and to look down on women, because that is what society calls a balance. I want to ensure that the word “feminism” gets its correct meaning and value in our society. I want to ensure that every individual realises that feminism is not perpetual hatred towards all men, rather it advocates the notion of giving both men and women the equal rights and roles in a society. Giving both men and women the right to choose their future, the right to be vulnerable and sensitive, and the right to feel empowered. Often what happens is that most young women, in order to avoid being victimized by this patriarchal mentality, end up portraying the wrong image of themselves. They start to believe that smoking, swearing, and wearing manly clothing will help them to achieve the same social status as their fellow individuals.

We have many examples of such cases, for example the case of Qandeel Baloch, who was ferociously killed last year by her brother in the name of honour. I certainly don’t support the method she used to withstand being suppressed by society, but again we have to see both sides of the picture. Imagine yourself in her place and put yourself in the same situation in which she was in. She was just another girl who didn’t want to be restricted and isolated because of her gender. It takes a whole lot of courage to cross that fine line that restricts us from dissolving our cultural, religious, and moral values and becoming a person you had never envisioned yourself as. But, yet again, our society judged her and didn’t accept her either way, and thus she was eventually forced to pay for the imbalance she had created within this prejudicial social equilibrium. This is just a small example of how the unjust aspects of our society can force young individuals to become their worst selves.

If we want to prosper as humans and if we want to make this world a better place, then both men and women need to be empowered and educated. It’s a new era, a new beginning where everyone needs to come together as the guardians of humanity and fight against the unjust and abominable conventions that have been dominating society for ages. It’s a matter of now or never. If you can’t go out and hold campaigns then at least sit at home and support organizations and initiatives that work towards eradicating this issue. Such as the UN’s “He for She” campaign that aims at encouraging young men to stand up for women’s rights. If men themselves advocate for women to have equal rights as them then the problem will get solved on it’s own. It’s a very long way to go, but dreams do come true if only you believe in them.“Women are never going to be equal outside the home, until men are equal inside it” – Gloria Steinem.

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