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Inevitability of War in Our World

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Since the beginning of the civilizations there have been conflicts over territories, natural resources or simple personal differences, War is a state of armed conflict between states, governments or societies, furthermore it is generally characterized for extreme violence, aggression and destruction of territories in war. The world’s most powerful nations, both now and in the past, they always seem to be preparing for a war, in addiction its military power occupies a large percentage of your expenses, consequently arises the following question; what are the factors that increases the probability of a war?

A big factor for wars is oil, such material is used to make gasoline and hundreds of derivatives for the car, is the fuel for power generation, is the engine of the current world economy. In view of the importance of the price of oil for the economies of both oil exporting and importing countries, the power to influence this price is of great significance. The oil is running out, therefore, the big countries are in the fight for this resource, the allied forces, led by the US, went to war against Iraq on 1991.

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Technological advances are a factor that could cause a war, in the world war two both the URSS as United States were divided the technological advances of the former Germany, planes, weapons, processes, machines were not interested in the territory resources; was technology. The nuclear bomb was a race that we all know who won. When a global war begins, come to light new advances that are not on market access. Scientists in the war are used in the war industry, however has access to unlimited resources that give home to good things, such as nuclear plants.

Few are on top and millions live in conditions little fair. There are several countries that are continuously threatening a war, want a new world order. The term ‘new world order’ has been used to refer to any new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power. A better world is a very relative term, consequently there are nations with different economic models, customs, religions and values; they all want to impose, therefore the history of the world is so complex.

War is inevitable, however this will not always be among humans, the cold war is over, and tomorrow it will give computer war. Experts say that if there is a third world war will be the last not because there is an absolute winner, but that there will be no life on earth.  


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