Negative Influence of Celebrities on Youth

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Negative Influence of Celebrities on Youth

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In many instances, western celebrities advertise products that we can consider useless and encourage teenagers to buy. What celebrities do is that they make the useless technology look less useless sometimes. With their endorsement, the teenagers are left without alternatives but to buy the products. Many western celebrities have a bad influence on teenagers because they advertise useless products, affect their behavior and affect their traditions. Additionally, the fact that many people today feel naked without what is considered to as go-tech products end up buying products that are not needed in their lives (Corey, 2015). This illustrates why it’s very hard today to find a generation that does not have an iPhone or at least its equivalent. Over the years many products that have absolutely been of no use to the consumers have captured the international attention. Another reason why they are a bad influence on teenagers is that they make them lose a lot of money. Notably, much of their endorsements about certain products are not always worth the cost that they go for. It is important that people save their money instead. In essence, the use of celebrities has been a common phenomenon by marketers to increase the visibility of a brand. This does not always go well owing to the fact that celebrities have their positive and negative sides in regards to their personality (Harrington, 2014). Additionally, when called upon to make these advertisements they will require one to get them a hefty fee up front that might drain one's company in terms of finances. Another reason why celebrities are a bad influence on teenagers is because they sell their stuff to make money. In many cases, the items are sold at exorbitant prices. Many of the fans to these celebrities will cite that buying of these items brings about a connection with the celebrities that truly value (Laneri, 2017) The idea of buying these items it to ensure that they identify with the style and the lifestyle of the different celebrities.

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In other cases, western celebrities have been considered to affect the behavior of teenagers. This has been facilitated through the promotion of the wrong ideas. In essence, through their powerful positions in the media, the celebrities can become a great influence on the views of an average citizen (Horwitz, 2016) Owing to their behavior in the media they have been looked at as potential influencers in matters that regards to politics. For this reason, many of the teenagers might also promote the wrong ideas having been influenced by the celebrities that they hold with high esteem. In addition, some of the celebrities have proved to be bad role models to the children. Notably, a celebrity like Naomi Campbell has been known to be very famous owing to her temper as opposed to her modeling career. In many instances she has been accused of making insults to the different persons around her. This is from her assistants to her friends. It has also been reported that she also insulted airport police at some instance. She has also attended various court-mandated anger management classes (Brown, 2014). Despite these efforts to help her manage her anger, there has been no success. In another occasion Campbell has been said to ruin the career of a former contestant in the show, The Face owing to her anger. Clearly, as it has been highlighted about the celebrities the teenagers might copy their acts believing that it will help them create identify with a particular celebrity. In other instances, celebrities have been viewed to advocate for controversial issues such as homosexuality in the society. For instance, the celebrity, Miley Cyrus has been noted to make a great stride in supporting the lesbian, gay, and bisexual as well as transgender rights (Jang, 2015). In an essay for Glamour, she wrote that 'I believe every American should be allowed the same rights and civil liberties. Without legalized same-sex marriage, most of the time you cannot share the same health benefits, you are not considered next of kin and you are not granted the same securities as a heterosexual couple. How is this different than having someone sit in the back of the bus because of their skin color?' This clearly states her stand on matters that can influence the behavior of the teenagers in a negative way. Owing to her fame many of the teenagers can turn to be lesbians or gay members in the society. This has the potential of creating conflicts between the teenagers and their parents if they don't hold to such beliefs.

Another reason why western celebrities have been considered to influence teenagers in the wrong way is by affecting their traditions. Notably, the exposure the culture of the celebrities has been known to bring about a negative impact on the ways of some of the young people (Fairclough, 2015). This may also affect their health as well as their well-being. For instance, celebrities such as Minaj and Cyrus have been famous for their controversy. Many times, they have been criticized as bad role models especially for young people. In essence, a well-published survey in the United Kingdom voted Minaj and Cyrus as the worst role models that their daughters had. This dislike for the two celebrities has been cited as a result of their dressing which are provocative as well as their outspoken comments in regards to sexuality. In contrast, the Duchess of Cambridge has been considered to be a good role model for girls. In relation to the male celebrities Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik, and One Direction band have been considered to be worst male offenders. In addition, celebrities have been known to affect the lifestyle of the people. For instance, the use of recognizable names in the fashion industry has been an integral part of society today (Idacavage, 2017). Today it has become common for many celebrities to move from being spokespersons to creating their own brand in their short-lived careers. This diversification has the ability to change the lifestyle of the teenagers owing to the fact that the progress made by these celebrities is aired through the media. This way many of the decisions by the teenagers are greatly altered. Celebrities also have the ability to influence national identity. It is not possible to escape the culture of celebrities. This is as it relates to the information on everything that they such as grocery shopping. For this reason, many have continued to consume their private lives like public commodities (Desombre, 2018). In essence, the stereotypical Hollywood has been seen to create conformity of culture rather than celebrating the diversity that relates to beauty. Today many of the youths have continued to strive to look like some of these famous celebrities. This is what has in turn encouraged racist as well as sexist tendencies in our society today. This trend is worrying with the barrage of information that has been reaching our ears every day (Desombre, 2018). The best way to avoid this influence is through making a choice that relates to de-glamorizing of celebrity life as it is damaging to our society.

Despite the negative impacts of western celebrities on teenagers some people still believe that they have positive impacts as well. In essence, they have greatly influenced the fashion industries owing to the fact that they signify ideal beauty (Roytman, 2014). This could be a positive thing in society if the teenagers followed the positive role models from the west who have the ability to impact their lives positively. This way they will make meaningful lives by copying the footsteps of celebrities who can be considered to be role models. Additionally the celebrities are important in the advertising of products. This helps in encouraging teenagers to buy products. This can have positive impacts on the different businesses in our communities. This is facilitated by the fact that many of the consumers today are interested with the activities of the different celebrities (Amo, 2017. However the teenagers, need to be careful so that they don't end up buying useless products.

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