Influence of Ted Bundy's Criminal Case

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In America today, people have high interest in criminals and their doings. People love to watch the popular crime and investigation television shows and movies that are consistently played on everyday TV. There has been a large number of psychopaths and killers in the United States over the decades. Many of these murderers have been that focal point of movies and documentaries that can be found on TV and streaming applications such as Netflix and Hulu. One of the most famous psychopaths is Ted Bundy.

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Ted Bundy was a serial killer who targeted young woman. He began his trail of murders in 1974 and ended up killing at least thirty women. Ted used his good looks and charm to lure girls in. His charismatic personality made for the perfect killer: one that no one would suspect. Bundy would put on a face to seem like a good guy and emerge himself in respectable roles such as being a former boy scout, a crisis counselor, and a campaign volunteer. Everyone that knew him personally, considered him a friend. Most people thought he was a very considerate guy that cared for others.

Ted Bundy's diagnosis is antisocial personality disorder. Most people refer to Ted Bundy as a psychopath; however, doctors today do not diagnose people as psychopaths but rather as having antisocial personality disorder. People with antisocial personality disorder are well known for manipulating, using, and emotionally hurting others without any regret or shame. People with this disorder put themselves first and do not consider other people's thoughts or feelings. It is common for people with this mental illness to break the law, pathologically lie, and charm others with their wit. Ted Bundy fits all of the criteria for a person with this disorder. He used his good looks and charm to trick young women just before killing them in the night. He had no remorse or guilt after killing thirty or more young women in just the span of a few years. Ted Bundy knew how to manipulate others and did so willingly in order to get what he wanted.

Ted Bundy has made a huge impact on the world of psychology. Before Ted Bundy, the United States had never experienced a serial killer like this. America was shocked by the cruel murders that Ted committed. More shocking than anything though, was how a "nice" guy like Bundy was capable of doing something so terrible. The Ted Bundy murders really defined "psychopathy" and just how crazy someone can be. The guy that everyone likes can use that to his advantage and murder his victims. After the murders, young women have become more cautious and aware.

Just like millions of other people in America, I found the Ted Bundy murders to be very interesting. I have watched several documentaries and movies on the case and find myself wanting to know more and more. I find it so crazy how a guy who is involved in volunteer work and is a friend to everyone could be a serial killer. Ted Bundy's crimes have made me realize how important it is to not trust just anyone. Because of crimes like these, I never walk alone, I avoid strangers, and I carry pepper spray!

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