Advantages of Computer Technologies in Business: Five Ways How We Use Information Technologies

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First of all, for our company, G3000 as a fast fashion clothing brand that the target for the teenager or young customers, we need to attract our customers by using Information Technology. We know that most of the young customers are often using the internet to access the social media website like Facebook and Twitter. Besides that, we also know that young customers also like to use mobile apps for example like Instagram to track the trend of fashion. Therefore, we can promote our products to them through these website or mobile apps. We can easily spread our brand and improve our brand awareness. Other than that, we can also use the websites and applications mentioned above to promote our new products to decrease our advertisement cost. We can easily to promote our products because there is totally free to use and has a massive of the user. By using this method, we can save a lot of cost in part of the advertisement.

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Secondly, the information technology we use in our clothes shop provides Online Store to set up out E-Business. Nowadays, the amount of people who likes online shopping is increasing rapidly. The main reason is people nowadays too busy with their job and no time for shopping at the complex mall. Therefore, we create our own website for those people who like to online shopping. We upload our new products to the website instantly and encourage our customers to sign up as our shop members on the website to get member’s promotion. By using this way, the loyalty of our customer will be increase and buy clothes from our shop. On our website, we provide e-purchase and return products features to our customers. The return products feature is for the customers who buy products from our website but does not fit to them. It will be more convenient for our customers to use our website to buy our products. In addition, we also create our own retail app to make our client more convenient. First of the feature in our app is check the stock of our products in our retail shop. We know that most of the consumers hate that been informed that what they want to buy is out of stock in our retail shop. Therefore, the consumers can check the stock of the products that they want to buy is available in which retail shop. Secondly, the feature of the app tracks the products which is purchased online. This feature can enable our customers to track their item anytime anyway.

Thirdly, one of the main uses of information technology is on part of security. Security is very important to our clothes shop to prevent thievery case. First of all, we can attach the magnetic tag to all of our products, the product which is attached with the magnetic tag is hard to take it off and need to use a specific tool to take off it. The magnetic tag is pairing with the magnetic scanner tower which is set up at all the entry of the clothes shop to prevent our product to be stolen. Once the product passes through the scanner, the alarm will be ringing. So the thievery case will be decreased. Besides that, our clothes shop also set up CCTV in our shop to prevent thievery case. Then the technology we use on our security payment is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect our customer’s online transaction payment information, for example, is credit/debit card information and personal information. By using this information technology, we can avoid the leak of information from our customer to the hacker to be used.

Fourthly, the latest technology we use is AR (Augmented Reality) in our retail shop.AR (Augmented Reality) is a technology that augmented a image in real world. So that , we can use this technology to enhance our customers experience in our retail shop. For example, we set up touchscreen device with a camera in our retail shop, when our customers stand in front of the screen the camera will detect and process. At this time, our customers are able to choose what apparel they want to try, once they chose their products, the device will process and show the apparel that they chose on their body. The benefits by using this technology, we not only can improve our customers in-store experience but also can save our customers time, because they no need to try at the fitting room.

Lastly, the first communications technology we are using in our company is using in our customer service in the way of online such as on the website or in our app. The benefits of enable our customers to give us their feedbacks through online is can get the feedback instantly without any cost. We also make our customers send their feedbacks easier at any time. Through online, we also can store the data of feedbacks and sort it in the different type of the feedback, so that we can improve our company within a short time. Secondly, the communications technology we are using in our company is every clerk in our retail shop equipped with the smartphone to enable our clerks to communicate immediately when there is some troubles has happened. For examples, the sales advisor in our shop communicates with the workers that in the department of inventory to confirm with the stock of products.

Computerized System

Nowadays, the computerized system in a company is extremely important because computerized system enables our company to collect and process the data from the device that we use in our company. By using the computerized system in the company, the operation of the company will become more efficient. For example, we are using the ‘Managing Retail Inventory System’ and ‘ POS System’ in our retail shops. In ‘Managing Retail Inventory System’, we can use the inventory tracking system to track our stock of products easily in our inventory system to ensure that stock of the products is always available. In this system, we can ensure that thefts are avoided in our shop. This is because the data in inventory system always check with the sales data in POS System. So, our products doesn’t have high chance to be stolen. Other than that, we also can figure that what type of products is the popular item by using this inventory system. We also can find out that what product is less popular, so that we can stop restock the item to lower the company’s deficit.

Secondly, in ‘ POS System’ (Point of Sales System) the department of cashier is more efficiency because we can just scan the products code to get the information about the products such as the price instead of key in the price by hand, it can save a lot of time by using this system. Other than that, the benefits of using this system is it can be connected to the inventory system. For example, when the products had been scanned and purchased, the inventory system will automatically update the amount of stock of the products. So that the operations of the shop is more efficient.

Human Resource Management

Staff Description

Director: Koo Jian An

  • Master’s Degrees of Business Administration
  • 6 years of working experience at Top Gloves Company
  • 4 years of working experience as an operator manager

Operation Manager: Ethan Yap

  • PHD of Operator Manager
  • 4 years working experience at Google Technology Company
  • Won the best of operator manager award

Human Resources Manager: Wong Sung Hua

  • Bachelor of Human Resources Management
  • 5 years working experience at Sime Darby Conglomerate Company

Financial Manager & Secretary: Richard Lau

  • Bachelor of Finance
  • Previously offered his studies to University of Oxford
  • 6 years working experience at Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Information Technology Manager: Goh Keng Boon

  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Graduate from INTI International University & Colleges
  • 5 years working experience at Intel Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Sales & Marketing Manager: Michael Ting Ek Ping

  • Bachelor of Sales & Marketing
  • Graduated from University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)
  • 4 years of working experience at Zara Fashion Company

Chief of Fashion Designer: Nicole Jackson

  • Bachelor of Fashion Design
  • 6 years of working experience at Gucci Fashion Company
  • 4 years of working experience as a chief of fashion designer

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