Initiatives to Safeguard the Business Environment Against Corruption in Kenya

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The government of Kenya has clearly put some effort and installed various measures and procedures to fight official graft. However the fight is being lost and new better efficient and effective measures need to be formulated. Some of my own suggestions are discussed below. Formulating fresh policies legal and institutional framework this can be done by doing away with the current body of the ethics and anti-corruption commission since it has proved unreliable to end this vice. Coming up with new legislation and laws on corruption will be of great impact since the current ones cannot achieve their intended purposes and goals.

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Fresh vetting of judges and proper scrutinizing of the judicial system will also do a great deal in the fight against corruption. Creating an ethical environment this is one of the most critical ways of mitigating corruption. The power and responsibility of fighting corruption lies solely with the management of a place or the government of a country. Ethical environment created by good corporate governance will ensure that the channels of corruption are all closed out. For instance an organization might curb corruption by ensuring that performance appraisals are done frequently and fairly compensation is equitable and the general working environment is competitive and well rewarding. There should also be set severe penalties in case one subverts or circumvents the already established controls.

Proximity of Revenue

This compares tax revenues raised to how they have been spent and if they have been put into the use they were initially allocated for. The government needs to ensure that they do not make the channels too many between the tax revenue collectors and the expenditure allocators as this creates avenues for theft and corruption. If possible the revenue collectors should also be allocating the expenditures in order to cut off corruption channels.


Accountability concept requires the decision makers and leaders to be closer to the voters. This is done by ensuring that elected leaders are accountable to the roles they were voted in for and if they do not meet this criterion they can be recalled back from the office. The government should ensure that there are no long term contracts that bind third parties for long periods which may lead to increase corruption.

Information Transparency

This is a key factor in the fight against corruption. The government can achieve this by bringing out those that are corrupt by carrying out audits open budgeting processes and contracting and bidding in a clear and open procedure. These keep people with high affinity for corruption at bay since nobody wants to get caught while carrying out corrupt and illegal activities.

Inputting Sanctions to Curb Corruption

This may be done by imposing sanctions on leaders of the country who are caught in corruption malpractices. These sanctions include long jail sentences loss of jobs and bans from holding any public office as well as heavy fines once found guilty.

Use of Technology

The government should procure computer systems that are not prone to corruption and theft. They should be made in a way that they cannot be altered to facilitate theft. These systems would also improve on transparency as they will show how funds haven raised and allocated. Record keeping of all transactions will ensure that all public funds are accounted for.

Paying Civil Servants Well

Motivation is affected by appropriate compensation or gross underpayment of civil servants which makes the civil servants find other unofficial channels to supplement their incomes. Therefore they will end up asking for bribe and dealing in corrupt deals in order to get enough income to satisfy their need since their actual pay is insufficient.

Cutting the Red Tape

The level of corruption increases with the extend of bureaucratic red tape in any government procedure. The many useless regulations in the state functions should be terminated while safeguarding the important functions. There are some programs like registration of a new business and registration of property which breed corruption and should be eliminated from the laws of Kenya.


This is involving the public in all activities and ensuring that they get the relevant information of all government projects. This usually goes hand in hand with transparency. Even when the government allows public participation it should ensure its transparency is well practiced in order to curb corruption.

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