Injustice is a Threat to Justice

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Today and in the past, justice was a tricky topic because “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (Martin Luther King Jr). Today, injustice is everywhere around us. It also does not help that sometimes the good has to suffer for the bad as well. The world is considered to be corrupt and people do not take the time to focus on what the issues are. The justice system is failing is not helping the issues. Countries are at war with each other, people of the same country are fighting, and politicians are shading the real problem of the world.

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The American flag is seen by many Americans as a symbol of their home and freedom, while others see it as a sign of disrespect and injustice. Justice is different in everyone’s eyes, but injustice is seen as the same. There are believed to be two ways of encountering injustice; the first is to try and do something about someone committing an injustice crime but end up getting hurt in the process. If one wanted to help the citizens who need justice, one might end up hurting himself more just because he decided to help someone in need.

If morale was high enough one might not even, consider it an option to question if he should help. Because injustice is everywhere, it is not hard to assume that everyone has questioned whether they should let a questionable at continue or interfere with it. Some citizens might not even interfere because they feel it is not their place to do so, or they might just ignore the situation as a whole. When someone feels like it is not their place to interfere, it most likely is not, but if they did interfere someone might not be hurt. One can help without interfering by calling someone who is trained to deescalate a situation.

If someone was to question the justice system, they would be looked down on by society. If someone was to question the government, there would be a possibility of getting punished for challenging their opinions just because they have the power to do so. If one were to express his opinion of society being suppressed, the government might just put out a statement to try and prove his statement wrong, or just ignore the statement altogether. It is hard to get the government to see injustice because they can choose to wear blinders to ignore it and focus on something, they might consider a bigger threat or problem. On the other hand, there is a lot of the government that focuses solely on injustice. The police would be a perfect example of this. They spend their entire shift seeking out acts of wrongdoing. Also, they are who the public calls if they see an act of wrongdoing

If one were to see someone getting bullied would he/she take the time to stand up for the child getting bullied or would he/she stand back just because there is a chance the bullying could shift? One would hope that person might stand up for the child, but today it most likely would not happen. Martin Luther King Jr was trying to evoke questions of morality in his audience with his speech. He brought to light the injustice acts that were being done to people of color at that time. His speech changed how society looked at people who were different.  

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