Innovation & Creativity in the Us Automotive Industry Focusing on Ford Motor Company

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The competition within the auto market is increasing day by day in America. The fast changes in the innovation are the test for the organizations to fulfill the clients and to get their steadfastness through imaginative items. Reason for this examination is to research the benefits (consumer needs, interactions and suggestions) related to Ford Motor company content for innovation in vehicles development. These advantages and expenses are explored through dissecting the relationship between the development, consumer needs, suggestions, consumer feedback, consumer loyalty and brand unwaveringness. The hypothesis was created through literature review and information was gathered through interview using semi-structured.

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The sudden realization that learning to drive or owning a car was no longer the rite of passage it once was in the US made automakers start to think about innovation and creativity, hence the need to develop future business models. The various automakers in the US which includes General Motors, Ford, Chrysler etc. are constantly thinking ahead when buildingsporty sedans or luxury SUVs, all loaded with technology, including 4G LTE Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. GM’s mobility platform is allowing for more rapid innovation at the automakers which has the intention of leading in the share of miles driven, whether through traditional vehicle ownership, car sharing or ride sharing.

The pilot programme called Ford Credit Link was announced, alongside several other initiatives, at the 2017 Detroit show and is aimed at finding new revenue sources for the company. Lease groups will be able to reserve drive time, check vehicle status, keep up with maintenance, communicate with each other, view their account, and make payments through a vehicle plug in device and app,David McClellandsaid from Ford. (Wright, C. (2017, May 18). Automakers start to think about future business models. Just – Auto Global News)I am Abiola Allen, MBA student at Texas A&M University. I worked with Standard Bank South Africa for 6 years prior to the MBA program. I recently had the opportunity to work with Ford over the summer as a Finance Strategy Intern.

My project was to understand the customer interactions that currently take place when deciding on the content in Ford vehicles at the different production milestones. I was able to view the production process from when the vehicle is an idea all the way to when it’s a physical product. While working on my project, I interviewed several individuals working at different production milestones to understand their interactions with customers when making decisions on the content in the vehicle. This opened my eyes to see how Ford is constantly innovating to meet the needs of customers today and in the future. The company created start-ups within the organization ex. Ford Mobility, to work on the future of mobility in the US. This is why I am interested in researching the innovation and creativity in the US today focusing on Ford Motor company.

Literature Review

In this chapter, the main focus will be to comprehend the primary fundamentals of innovation, creativity and other factors used in content creations for Ford automobiles in America. It would discover the approach to which they adopt to embracing technology and innovation as a specialty in business. Innovation studies of the past decade have progressively centered on the changes of innovation model, with the emphasis on open innovation processes and their impacts on the firm’s innovative performance. About Ford Motor CompanyFord Motor Company is a global automotive and versatility organization situated in Dearborn, Michigan. With about 201,000 employees and 67 plants worldwide, the company’s core business includes designing, manufacturing, marketing, financing and servicing a full line of Ford cars, trucks, SUVs and electrified vehicles, as well as Lincoln luxury vehicles.

In the meantime, Ford is forcefully seeking after rising open doors through Ford Smart Portability, the organization’s intend to be a pioneer in availability, versatility, independent vehicles, the client experience, The organization gives money related administrations through Ford Motor Credit Company. Transportation is one of the biggest parts of the worldwide economy. It is additionally one that is evolving quickly. Cell phones and Internet- based innovations have helped dispatch what’s more; empower new plans of action like Uber, Lyft, and car2go. Indeed, even self-driving autos are no longer sci-fi. Be that as it may, the eventual fate of transportation — what we call versatility — will go a long ways past these improvements. Ford has over the years been able to use innovation through the development of Apps such as virtual reality app to deliver to fans and consumers an wonderful story telling process of its inventions and products. This is available to both Android and iOS users in the United States, Lisa Schoder, (2016) Ford digital marketing manager said “Our virtual reality stage enables us to tell sensational, impactful stories, to demonstrate an amazing side of Ford”. The intentions for virtual reality app include;

  1. Bringing shoppers in the background more than ever, another virtual reality application for iOS and Android gadgets conveys minutes Ford fans couldn’t generally understand.
  2. New Ford application debuts with a select story including the all-new Ford GT race auto – the apex of item development at the organization – contending at the 24 Hours of Le MansFord virtual reality app clients can anticipate that the following story will make a big appearance in September, including Hoonigan Racing’s Ken Block and Ford Focus RS RX.

Clients with their message pop-ups turned on will get the refresh when new substance goes live. The new virtual reality stage goes past exhibiting Ford Performance vehicles. “Over sharing virtual reality anecdotes about our inventive items, we are additionally hoping to bring versatility issues to the cutting edge,” says Schoder. “As we extend our business to be both an auto and a versatility organization, we are seeking after rising open doors through Ford Smart Mobility.”

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