Innovations In Games And The Secrets Of Popular Games

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Innovations in games constantly shift what is popular in the gaming community, and there are some qualities that are constant. Generally what makes a game good is usually its content, its graphics, and the perception of the people playing it. Those games that have these qualities are recognized as the best games. Though not every showy and flashy game is a good game, sometimes some games lack in interesting gameplay or are very hard to understand. How the game is played and how enjoyable makes some games better, and a simplistic approach to some players may be what makes some of the better games the best.

For example, Tetris is a simple game in which there is board where the objective of the game is to not allow the tetriminos to reach the top of the board. Tetriminos are four blocks arranged in different shapes and can be cleared if put in a horizontal row. I remember playing this game with my mother and spending hours just clearing these lines with her. My mother was not a fan of complicated games for she couldn’t understand them. This game created a standard in which it didn’t matter the age, anybody could still play the game and have fun because it was not hard to understand its mechanics, and despite the games’ age and simplicity it remains to be undefeated in todays’ time as one of the best games. Another reason that some games are considered great are due to their appeal to the eye.

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Graphics are an arrangement of pixels to make a picture on a screen, and as more pixels are clumped together they make a “clearer and more real” image. One game that skyrocketed due to its graphics was Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo Gamecube. When this game was released, all games were based on a flat two dimensional land, but Super Mario 64 changed that. This game was based on a fully explorable three dimensional land, and Mario himself had three dimensions. This raised a standard that many other companies had to reach and compete with, and actually sparked a craze to buy it, because no other game could be played like that. Now with the introduction of 4K and 5K quality, companies like Microsoft and Sony compete to make games that are clearer and sharper for the appeal to the eye.

Lastly, a good game is based on the popularity. Games like Fortnite or Minecraft have rose to a standard purely on the people that play it. When famous YouTubers like PewDiePie or Markiplier play a certain game, the people that watch them play the game they get a perspective on how it looks based from the video, and off this judgement people make the decision to play the game or not. This may seem like it’s not a big deal, but consider how many people watch these YouTubers on a daily basis, it can make a game rise in popularity, especially when many more YouTubers start playing a certain game, and many game developers realize this and use this as an advertisement for their games by allowing certain YouTubers to play their games for free or even before the game gets released. This is where Fortnite come in, a hunger games style game with many more carbon copies out there, and just based on the famous people that played the game made this game different and better in the eyes of the players that watched the famous people play.

Good games are based on the way that they are played, how many people play it, and how good the game looks. These qualities and standards set a foundation for other games to build upon and be better, and as technology changes games have to rise to those expectations. Those that meet those expectations are unforgettable and become the best games.


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