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Insights On Gun Bags For Hunting

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A real hunter is often forced to carry things with him, at first glance, not directly related to hunting matches, cartridges, food, a compass, a map, an axe. All this takes a lot of space, and if you’re lucky enough to get the game, you won’t be able to drag it away. Of course, you can load everything you need into the trunk of an SUV and drive it through the fields, but you can scare the game like that and the SUV will not pass everywhere, and somehow it looks strange. Therefore, it is worth thinking about purchasing (or hand-made) hunting gun bags. After all, they simplify the process of hunting, and also allow you to transfer the game with great convenience and in large quantities. Why do you need a specialized gun bag? After all, if you wish (and a short distance from home/main camp, etc. ) you can use any convenient bag or any convenient gun backpack. However, as it is easy to guess, special hunting models have a number of advantages: The material from which the bag is made. Most of them are nylon and polyester, although there are leather options.

Therefore, they are stronger, often waterproof, and if soiled, they are easy to wash. Ergonomics: Perhaps this is the main advantage. First, the hunting game bag for the game is equipped with special pockets for cartridges. This not only simplifies the process of carrying the game, but also allows you for rapidly, and most importantly with greater convenience recharge. Secondly, there are floating modifications of gun bags for hunting, which lovers of hunting for waterfowl will certainly appreciate. Even if you drop the bag or are forced to take it off, the special elements sewn into the bag will allow it to hold out for a while on the water, and the waterproof material will leave the equipment dry. Gun bags for hunting are available in camouflage colors, not allowing the fun and joyful colors of “civilian” counterparts to scare the game. Some gun bags have special attachments for shotguns or compartments that allow you to transport other types of weapons in a disassembled form. Classic hunting type gun bag genre: It is a bag with partitions and a belt. Usually worn over the shoulder. The volume of this bag is extremely small so that it can carry only the most necessary things.

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In addition, baggage patches are often sewn onto cartridges (unfortunately, only 12 and 16 caliber cartridges are sewn onto any kinds of bags, if your gun doesn’t feed on such bullets, then the cartridge belt is placed entirely on your shoulders) For carrying game on the bag, there are several straps with rings (braids) for carrying game or fastening under the net. And comfortable, and you can brag to your friends. Usually, cartons are made of leather, however, despite all the advantages of this material (durability, convenience, attractive appearance), they have several significant drawbacks: The skin can unmask the hunter and they can get wet from rain or suckling, and, as a result, noticeably gain weight. Leather baggage squeaks at every movement, so if you hunt from an ambush, you can easily give yourself away with a constant creak.


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