Inspecting How to Reduce Pollution and Environmental Issues

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The issues of global pollution becomes the huge concern for every individual. The world is experiencing the major issues that emit from ordinary vehicles. The gases pollution, discharges from petrol and diesel affects the human health and environment. However, to reduce such pollutions hybrid and electric cars are introduced. These vehicles eradicate low emission such as gas and air pollutions. Although, there are other substitutions similarly, plastic and recycle, hydrogen, the emission of taxes and fines to resolve the key problems of global pollution.

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Firstly, the burning of plastic in an open area releases off toxic substances in atmosphere, definitely harming the living beings. Specially the respiratory system from inhaling unhygienic air. Moreover, this creates the waste contamination impuriting environment, land, water and the air. The humans are the main destroyer of animals’ habitation because clearing land for running mining and sawmill business creates an unhealthy atmosphere for survival. Plastics are man-made, seen all over the land. This plastics are blown up by the wind and polluts river. Ultimately, affecting the life of an animals in river . For instance, when animals mistakely consumes plastic as their basic need, which starve them to death. Eveyday, millions of plastics are being used and litter everywhere. Though, plastic are durable and takes long time to decompose. Recently, plastic bans are observed in Bhutan inorder to reduce pollution. Shopkeepers are enforced to replace plastic to papers, banana leaves and cloths wrapping. According to Liboiron (2012), industrial gathers the abandoned plastic for recycling then transform them into raw materials to reuse it for new products. Also, the bag bans support to prevent ceratin thickness of plastic and bag fee in the countries such as India and Ireland. Meredith (2008, p.24) states that the mobile phones release out the highly yield toxic element in atmosphere. But 80% of cellphones are recycled and many cellphone shops are running repairing system.

Secondly, the actual treatment of hydrogen is produced by water with various alternatives as follows: hydrogen fuel, hydroelectric power and the hydrologic cycle. Balat (2008, pp.4013-4029) states that “Hydrogen is the hygienic fuel preferences for reducing motor vehicle emmissions. The combustion of hydrogen does not produce carbondioxide rather helps to reduce carbon and green house gase emissions.” Hydrogen produces electricity for the insufficient supply of batteries which need to be frequently recharge by electric motors even without polluting. Hydrogen maintains the eco-friendly relationsip. Hook (2008, pp.110-111) states that the hydrogen is used in vehicles to control inner burning devices which is operate by the gaslione. The rapid emerge of factories and power station causes a mixture of smoke pollution such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in air. Animals and humanbeings die out of breathing and heat problems. It even alters the whole process of watercycle on the earth. Generally, reducing the size of the waterdroplets in the sky. In-addition, moisture gets evaporate before reaching to the surface and can lead to climate change. Even though, there are some positive effects of hydrologic cycle towards population. The evaporation and rain water helps to remove some of the impurities from land and water.

Thirdly, the imposing of taxes and fines on emission controls number of pollutions. According to Wang and Zhou (2019), Chinese government is positively giving support to electric vehicle industry with free tax and tax credits, inorder to encourage people in purchasing more of electric cars. Chines government is using tax exemption stragetic particulary to resolves pollution differently According to Dema. (2019), zero waste hour is observed in Thimph to collect waste from various areas. Almost 731 people from different organizations, volunteers, private firms and institutions participated in observing zero waste hour to reduce waste pollution. Dema. (2019) states that enforcement of penalty is carry out for polluters ranging from Nu.100 to Nu.20,000. The dropping of barbages, doma spittle and rubbing lime on the wall charges Nu.100.Despite the waste preventation and management,disposal of waste in forbidden zones without the permission from concern authority levied to Nu.20,000 (as cited in Dorji. p7). According to the Road Safety and Transport Authority (2019), the vehicle emission examination certificate is made compulsory in 2004 associating with the National Envirnoment Commission of Bhutan. While reviewing of driving licenses, fitness and insurance certificate of vehicles. Therefore, carring an expired emission document levied to Nu.1000 for voliating the traffic rules.

In conclusion, plastics are non-degradable which takes many years to decompose. Then, industry complies the unwanted plastics for rejuvenation of new products. Further, the toxic elements and other exisiting pollutions are reduced by hydrogen. Infact,the rapid growth of technologies and development result in emitting dangerous gases,causing human health and surroundings. The hydrologic cycle plays an vital role in eliminating the impurities from surface. The imposing of taxes and finest control certain pollutions. Plastic and recycle, Hydrogen, imposing of taxes and fines are solution to reduce global pollution. 

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