Inspirational Life and Struggles of Jack Ma

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We often meet many people in our lives who somehow affect us by their inspiring actions or motives. Some of their stories inspire us or teach us the repercussions of life. But some of them get stuck in our heads which leaves us wondering. One such story about inspirational life and struggles that have marked an edge over others and have changed the economic history of China is the story of the great Chinese entrepreneur, businessman, and the Founder of Alibaba Group JACK MA.

Jack Ma has attained an honor that has frequently covered the list of the World’s most powerful people by Forbes. He also contributed to a significant leadership that bagged him to be listed as “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” ranking second in the year 2017. Jack Ma had a clear approach to setting up a site with an aim to target the growth of every small business giant worldwide. With this aim, he accomplished what he must have never slipped his mind on. He made a whopping 100 billion visitors reaching his site in a single day! He managed to earn a substantial net worth of $35.56 billion single-handedly gripping a milestone for one of the world’s wealthiest people and China’s richest man alive.

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Jack Ma is not known as a rich brat who happens to receive a lot of admiration. He withdrew himself from triumph and criticism of life. Coming from a poor family, the Ma was born on 10 September 1964 in Hangzhou, China. He wanted to learn English like most of his native people and henceforth, he worked as a tourist guide only to learn English from the tourists while traveling miles away. His rejections in his early life have created an epitome for his success that no one might believe. He was rejected by Harvard Business School 10 times! He struggled to clear the entrance exams in college and that took him 4 years to sail through. Later, he graduated in 1988 with a BA in English and then joined a University as a lecturer in English and International Trade.

The whole story of Jack Ma and his life faced a serious slopping down but this man faced the storm standing intact. He applied for 30 job applications but converted none. He applied for a post in the police department but got no luck and only harsh criticism. Even though KFC rejected him when all of the other applicants appearing for the interview passed, he was the only one who failed. In 1994, Ma started his first company who later turned down. In the year 1995, He later came to know of the Internet not knowing its use of it. The first word he searched was Beer and was surprised that it had no information related to China. One day later, he and his friends in his apartment created a website related to china which later received many quick emails and calls inquiring about the person who created it. This was the first time he realized the power of the Internet. In the year 1995, Ma started his second company with a computer teacher that later made a good revenue in a very less time. An interesting fact about this company was that the Ma did not know to code or how to sell.

He also headed an Information Technology Company but then quit the company to make his e-commerce website Alibaba Group to improvise the commerce industry. This e-commerce site proved to be a great revolution for him and his team and made total revenue rise above the companies like Amazon and eBay combined. From 2003, Jack Ma seemed more like an explorer who wanted to rule the world of business. He founded Taobao Marketplace, Alipay, Ali Mama, and Lynx. He later rejected the offer of eBay to acquire the Taobao and instead got support from the co-founder of Yahoo with a billion-dollar investment. Ma today owned the Alibaba that has stepped up the ladder yearning for an IPO of $25 billion. He even discussed with The President of the United States Donald Trump to talk about job openings through Alibaba’s interest in the country. In 2019 He stepped down as the chief of Alibaba to deliver his contributions to his later found foundation Philanthropist.  

In conclusion. The inspirational life and struggles of people like Jack Ma allow you not to give up on difficulties when arise and teach them to overcome and build their success.

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