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Don-Alvin says that fashion is growing on social media platforms, mainly Instagram which is the top choice for luxury fashion brands. Accordingly, a company that retail and manufacture consumer goods study both Facebook and Instagram for the marketing opportunity; as both the platforms have a different group of people. Even fashion designers prefer Instagram more to communicate with the audience online.

In terms of popularity on social media, in 2016, fashion brand who made the greatest content and interaction during the global fashion month was Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana and Tory Burch. He further explained that same year, Gucci also saw the greatest interactions straight after the Milan catwalk show followed by Armani, Prada and Fendi. Therefore, some brands are equally active on more than one communication channel through their official account (e.g., Moschino). Moreover, in recent years, there was an instant increase seen in sharing images through Instagram story feature, Don-Alvin says according to the online data, has reached 150 million users a day globally in precisely 5 months and this section is actively used by everyone. (Adegeest, 2017). It is also believed that the most viewed stories by the people all over the world come from fashion brands and other businesses; as 70% of Instagram users do follow minimum 1 or 2 business pages and 25% of stories are made with Boomerang effect.

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Matt Ellis says Facebook can’t beat Instagram on the sheer number of users; Instagram has 800 million users every month which made it the third most popular platform amongst all the channels. But it’s not about the number of impressions, it’s about the quality. However, visual industries such as fashion and beauty brands who target the age group less than 30 years definitely go for Instagram, especially to have a greater impact on the younger audience. (Ellis, 2017). He further says that the effectiveness of marketing the product through visual content on social media is more inclined towards Instagram as it is great for direct marketing since it helps in spreading awareness to the powerhouse of teens, more customer engagement, visually showcasing the collection or a product/service and has influencer marketing. Furthermore, has a greater emphasis on observations and findings, particularly it is a style store for every generation and an ideal place for viewing new trends. To come across new artists and along with being updated with various industries and celebrities, Instagram clearly dominates fashion, beauty, photography and celebrity news. 

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