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Smart phone has been a game changer of business sectors. For creating an outstanding user experience every single organisation is creating mobile application. Look at Uber, Grab or Lyft; those have been a revolution in transportation industry. People now easily can book a cab by a single click on their smartphones screen. Viber, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat those applications are continuously improving their mobile applications to coping with most recent smartphone version. Though mobile application is not a new thing in the context of 2018, but yes, it is a very dynamic and fast moving industry because of fast-paced technological development. If you are thinking to develop a mobile application consider to add the following stuffs:

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  1. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is now trending in the tech world. Using AI technology can take a mobile application in an advance level. In customer service, automobile or healthcare every sectors are adapting artificial Intelligence for developing application and make it easier for the customers. Microsoft Pix, SwiftKey AI and Hound are utilizing the Artificial Intelligence technology to make their mobile app more advanced and user friendly.
  2. Internet of Things (IoT): We already know that, Internet of Things has been used in many industries like household, automobile, health, education and so on, but also know that there is no limit or boundary for technology. IoT technology is also evolving and becoming more modernize. IoT allows users to use sensor technology in non-IT device like A/C, door lock. If you are thinking to developing a mobile app, you can consider to use IoT technology to provide automation and remote control.
  3. Personalization: Personalization is one of the most prefered features in business world nowadays and its demand is growing everyday. Companies like Starbucks, Nike Airbnb want to extend mobile application beyond the normal features, they are providing much more than that like, tracker of loyalty program, work out plan, drive-thru screens and smartwatches. The more you can personalize your application the more people will be attracted to you and the more it will create good user experience. But you have to remember that it has to related to your core objective.
  4. Cloud storage and cloud based application: Storing on device has been an outdated thing. For being more convenient people now prefer to use cloud base application. Developing an application which has cloud based storage system can give the user to store their data on the cloud storage and can give the opportunity to use anywhere.
  5. Security: When you are developing a mobile app for your potential user, you have to careful about the security of the application. It becomes more necessary when the user is going to put their personal information such as credit card number, address, contact. You need to take rigorous initiative to secure the information from being ground up. Better authorization and encryption methods can ensure strong security for mobile application.

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