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This is what we expect from Intel for 2019, a series of processors, services and the first concrete news of the new graphics cards in a year that should be the cornerstone of the company for the future. We are immersed in the CES 2019 , the great technological fair that takes place every year during the first days of January in Las Vegas. The main technology companies show their cards at the fair, and Intel is one of those that has played its best hand.

It is logical to expect from Intel in 2019 new processors, something that has traditionally accustomed us, but this year we especially want to see, and we will see, different services and processors at user level. However, we will also see new services focused on professional use, such as its new processor for the development of artificial intelligence . And that's not to mention something that they presented months ago and that this 2019 we should see in full, your new discrete graphic card. Next, we tell you what we expect from Intel in 2019 , one of the leading companies in terms of technological development.

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It is clear that the new processors in 10 nanometers are the most expected of Intel for 2019 . And, the company has been talking about processors manufactured in this lithography since 2011, and the intention was to launch them at the end of 2015. However, as you can imagine, it has not been like that. Intel has not had competition in recent years, but with AMD putting the batteries in terms of processors, they want to be the reference again, not only increasing the frequency of processors above 5 GHz , but also being more efficient and better integrated GPU .

CES 2019 showed the first Intel Sunny Cove processors , the first (real) manufactured in 10 nanometers. They will arrive first at the Ultrabooks at the end of 2019 and they will have very interesting characteristics. Consumption is 15 W, bear LPDDR4X memories and have a greater bandwidth integrated GPU , plus more power in this regard. Undoubtedly, it is the most expected of Intel in 2019, as it was time to see their processors in 10 nanometers .

Before making the jump to 10 nanometers, we will see new models of ninth generation processors. At CES they have unveiled the plans Intel 2019 , and short - term we will see the new Intel Core F - Series . We have already told you what the letters of the Intel processors mean , and to the dictionary we have to add the new processors of the F series. What does this mean? Basically, these are processors that do not have an integrated graphics card. So, we will soon see the Intel Core i9-9900KF, the i7-9700KF, the i5-9600KF and the i3-9350KF . These are desktop processors that, as we say, will not have an integrated GPU, although perhaps the most interesting thing is that there is an i3 of the K series, which means that it can be overclocked .

The Lakefield thing is something strange , but it's certainly what we expect most from Intel for 2019 ... after having met him at CES. And, it is a hybrid processor that combines two types of processors, similar to what we find in mobile SoC. And, it is not long that the mobile processors combine several types of cores in the same CPU, which in turn is embedded in a module with other processors. Lakefield will use a 10-nanometer Sunny Cove core and low consumption with four Atom cores . This will allow ultra-low-power laptops of just 7 W , slightly less than half of the current processors for Ultrabook, 15 W of TDP.

Nervana is a platform for the development of artificial intelligence at the business level, but on the other hand there is Athena , a service to develop AI at user level thanks to the advances of 5G technology. And, thanks to the development of 5G networks, it is assumed that users can connect with our laptops to servers using the bandwidth of this network to take advantage of the AI ​​development software and, in addition, to use server resources from Intel itself.

Intel Nervana is not something new, really. Two years ago we started talking about this processor, although it will arrive in 2019. According to the company, Nervana is an architecture designed to develop deep learning . It is a support chip that will serve to support the main processors in certain processes. They want to multiply by 100 the performance of the processors as far as artificial intelligence is concerned, and that happens by looking for partners in this field.

And it is that, Intel has been associated with Facebook for the development of Nervana , a chip that will consume more than 100 W, by itself. Along with the graphics, which we will talk about later, is one of the tools that Intel has to enhance the development of artificial intelligence. And finally, something we expect from Intel for 2019 is the graphics card . The company has already tried to enter the graphics card segment years ago, but did it without much luck. Now, however, they want to try again.

A few months ago they announced that they wanted to '' play '' in the segment of discrete graphic cards and, although they missed the appointment of CES 2019 , there are still many events ahead of this 2019. Seeing how well the processors have performed, is Of course there is a desire to see how well the Intel graphics cards are doing, although they will have it complicated in a segment monopolized by Nvidia and where Navi is expected to launch its new architecture in 2019.

In addition to playing, the Intel graphics cards will help the company to continue to promote the development of artificial intelligence, but there are still many unknowns to be solved, such as the amount of graphic memory and the type of it ( HBM2 or GDDR6 ) or the clock speed. And, of course, see how video games perform with Intel graphics cards. As we say, they have not been present at the CES, but there are still videogame events ahead, such as E3 or Gamescom, where we saw Nvidia's RTX for the first time. As you can see, there are not many innovations that we expect from Intel in 2019 , although the most interesting thing for the general public may have to do with the new processors, their performance and, above all, consumption.

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