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To gain knowledge regarding international communication has been a great asset for me in this semester. It enables us to learn various fundamentals of communication within different cultural groups. According to me, this competency is generally a scope of social, emotional, and psychological aptitudes that leads to compelling and proper correspondence with individuals of different societies. 

What we learned from the classes were to adapt to the capacity of working adequately crosswise over societies, to think and act wisely, and to impart or understand individuals from various social foundations at home or abroad. To be able to function some good intercultural skills, we require an eagerness to acknowledge and respect these distinctions and adjust to them.

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Some key segments incorporate inspiration to work with others, self-and other information regarding cultures, and resistance for vulnerability. It consists of a mechanism to deal with building mindfulness and comprehension of various social practices followed all over the world. Likewise, it taught me how to operate a business related to various other cultures. We should enable or create our business or association into a scenario where individuals of assorted societies and foundations cooperate altogether in a more effective and adequate way.

Two key components of verbal and non-verbal interactions are additionally engaged with Intercultural competence. Being confident, loyal, mature and decisive are really important to build a person’s character. It also does involve a few barriers which restrict individuals to grow in their respective environments. 

Boundaries, for example are ethnocentrism, language, tension or anxiety, preference, and presumption of likeness. Sometimes people do not behave properly and create nuisance like discrimination, racism and even favouritism at various places. Such things need to be avoided as to create a viable and living environment where individuals from different backgrounds, believes, practises work and coordinate together.

While working at a few restaurants, it was important for me to learn the key dynamic techniques to be able to perform with people of different backgrounds and knowledge. As I am planning to work at airlines industry, it is essential to learn how to comfort others or to be comfortable in unique environments. Working with others help us to learn from their best skills, appreciate the efforts in a teamwork, and to develop self confidence. It will not only help me in eliminating cultural barriers, but will also provide more growth and business opportunities, and will enable me to develop into a more disciplined person. 

From the future prospect, being intercultural competent will enable a better comprehension of the environment I work in with my colleagues, yet likewise assist myself to adjust in new workplaces and anticipate culture stun, while upgrading my own social mindfulness, information, resources and useful aptitudes. To improve intercultural capability, we should gain knowledge about different cultures, being definitive and inventive, understand others purpose of perspectives or suppositions and find a way to be agreeable in unsuitable condition.

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