Internal Bleeding: Symptoms and First Aid

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Internal bleeding is one of serious injuries emergency that may occur with a person, and person would not even know about it. Internal bleeding is bleeding inside the body, so individual cannot see it, or even notice it immediately. “Upper GI bleeding involves bleeding from the mouth to the duodenum. Upper GI bleeding has been estimated to account for up to 20 000 deaths annually in the United States”. Upper gastrointestinal bleeding leads to 20, 000 deaths in the United States because of falls, car accidents, gunshots and other.

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Symptoms of internal bleeding are confusion, shortness of breath, weakness, dizziness, fainting, and pain in particular part of the body and others. Two types of trauma of internal bleedings are blunt trauma and penetrating trauma. These traumas are mainly caused by physical injury to the person. Blunt trauma is when pressure or force torn blood vessel, especially this happens in car crashes or falls. Penetrating trauma is when something penetrate the body, and it makes rupture in blood vessels, such as gunshots, stabbings can create it. Statistics stays that, “Internal bleeding may be much more difficult to identify. It may not be evident for many hours after it begins, and symptoms may only occur when there is significant blood loss or if a blood clot is large enough to compress an organ and prevent it from functioning properly.”

Internal bleeding is difficult to recognize, and person can have it but only blood loss can identify it. It is sad because person can even die because he or she does not know about internal bleeding. Internal bleeding can be diagnosed by patient pain, and procedures to identify internal bleeding. Physical examination, ultrasound, blood test, computerized tomography scan and other can define the bleeding inside. Main treatment for internal bleedings are transfusion of blood and intravenous fluid because person loss blood, and he or she needs to have intake of blood to survive. Internal bleeding of a trauma can stops without any help, but with an observation. If severe bleeding, surgery may be needed. First Aid for internal bleeding is to call 911 immediately. Lay person on the floor and check for breathing. If individual is unconscious and not breathing, perform CPR. Also, keep person warm and cover with a blanket. In addition, tell person to stay calm, and do not worry. However, do not give eat or drink because it can worsen the situation.

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