Personal Experience About Becoming a Doctor and How Family Medicine Residency Program Will Deepen My Knowledge

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A lot of factors in my life have led to my desire of becoming a doctor. Since I was in high school I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor to help people take care of their most precious treasure, their health. Living in a small village in Egypt I have grown to realize how healthcare was severely lacking and what was offered was afforded only by the upper class. Egypt has one of the highest rates of Hepatitis C infection in the world among other disease and healthcare issues. Having experienced three of my family members passing away within months of each other was devastating. Two dying from liver complications and the third from complications of diabetes, I was determined to continue my education and grow my knowledge in medicine. I knew that one day I would also be taking care of someone else’s grandmother, aunt and uncle and other loved ones.

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After graduating from medical school, I eventually moved to United Arab Emirates to work and to expand my knowledge and expertise even further. Working at the center has given me the opportunity to work with all kinds of patients from elderly to children and develop my skills in diagnosing wide variety of diseases and in managing complex medical situations. I enjoyed co working with other physicians across disciplines and teaming together to better understand and treat our patients. When I became part of a team at work and was put in charge of the non-communicable diseases clinic, it only helped in peaking my interest in internal medicine even more and I enjoyed developing relationships with my patients and growing as a professional. With my experiences, I decided that the best path in continuing my journey was to come to the United States and pursue a residency in family medicine.

Once in America with my family, I started working in a busy family medical center in Brooklyn, NY as a medical assistant and was able to familiarize myself with the U.S. health system. My colleagues further inspired me, though despite managed care time restraints, I saw physicians who took the time to explain and give comfort to their patients. Doctors who are knowledgeable and skilled, thorough but efficient, and acting as compassionate allies in a place where there is pressure to discharge patients as quickly as possible. In my career, I plan to be a strong advocate for my patients, while also being an advocate for physicians in the increasingly complex and difficult world of medicine. Physicians have a special role in society as they are trusted by patients and respected by policy makers, allowing us to be strong advocates for our patients and our community. I look forward to working and learning as part of a medical team, which will be necessary as a skill in the future where I will be working with a diverse interdisciplinary team to save lives and combat diseases. A family medicine residency program will deepen my knowledge in the field of medicine and enable me to treat the whole person and their families: their emotional needs as well as their medical needs. I will be able to utilize the latest in research and technology to enhance clinical practices, improving outcomes and saving many lives.

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