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International Rescue Committee: Main Things

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In this essay, an argument will be presented to convince the reader that the fifty thousand dollars should go towards the International Rescue Committee, also known as the IRC. This organization works with and in multiple countries across the world to help people that don’t have the proper help that they need so that they can recover, regain their strength, and survive. These people have been affected by horrible things such as war, and natural disasters and diseases. They need as much help as they can get, and this charity can give them some of that help. The IRC also works to give help and aid to children all over the world with the issues they may have in their lives. The donations that the IRC receives go to multiple areas of the foundation, with ninety-two percent of the donations being used for the program services, six percent going to management and general areas, and the remaining two percent going into fundraising. The first part of the argument is that this charity helps people in countries that have been affected by diseases and natural disasters.

Natural disasters happen all over the word, tearing homes and public areas apart, affecting everyone’s lives. These natural disasters include tornadoes, forest fires, earthquakes, storms, tsunamis, avalanches, and floods. These disasters cause hundreds of billions of dollars every year, with 2017 costing the world three hundred seven billion dollars.They also cause mayhem and mass panic for those in the general vicinity of the disaster and can cause the society of that area to collapse. These disasters can then cause major outbreaks of diseases, such as cholera, diarrhea, and measles. The IRC has helped with these such occurrences by, for example, supporting roughly two thousand clinics and health facilities that helped around one hundred seventy thousand women deliver healthy babies and have vaccinated more than one hundred seventy-three thousand children against measles.

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One of the major issues that the IRC is working on currently is the massive outbreak of cholera in Yemen, with over one million cases filed, and ten thousand people already dead, and twenty million people in need of aid at this very moment. This makes the outbreak the largest in modern history. Eighty percent of these people are children that desperately need the rest of the world’s help. This cholera outbreak is, believe it or not, a man-made crisis, caused by a blockade put on the Yemen border by the Saudi government. The IRC is helping Yemen by supporting the country with health and medical supplies, food and water, and cholera treatment. Donations would help tremendously with this outbreak, as any help that can be brought to Yemen in this time of crisis would be incredible. If Yemen does not receive help, it, and the people will continue to suffer from, not only cholera but war as well.The war in Yemen is a conflict to rebuild the government of the country. Starting in 2015, the war has displaced millions of people and has killed an estimated eight thousand one hundred civilians so far. War is another thing that the International Rescue Committee focuses on, with the war in Yemen being one of them. The IRC helps refugees that have come to the United States settle in and get back on the track of living their lives.

The charity has 28 offices in the U.S.A. that provide refugees with aid such as food, medical attention, and housing. This is a major part of the IRC, with the organization helping roughly of thirteen thousand four hundred newly arrived refugees. Refugees need this help from organizations, and from people. They suffer from the war in their original countries, and then come and, if they don’t get help, they sometimes cannot get started on their new lives in their new countries. War is one of those things that affect everyone in the world, whether or not you live in the area. It can cause devastation to businesses, the economy as a whole, and people, including children.Children are one the most important things in this world. They are our society’s future. They will go on to shape our economy and the entire world. The International Rescue Committee helps children with multiple problems that they may come across in their lives. The organization does things such as counselling, support, schooling and educational opportunities, treating disease, and overall care for children.

Education is the biggest part of the IRC’s aid in helping children, by providing education for one and a half million kids, as well as have trained more than thirty-three thousand educators. There are around sixty-two million children without schooling, with over half of them in conflict-affected countries. The IRC has partnered with Sesame Street in order to help nine million children affected by the situation in Syria. The IRC and Sesame Street have been awarded one hundred million dollars by the MacArthur Foundation in order to help them with their process in helping these children, by providing them with everything that they may need to be successful in their future.The IRC is an extremely helpful charity. They help people all across the world with many different types of issues, including natural disasters, diseases, war and world conflict, and lack of education. Donations received will go a long way in helping the rest of the world, please consider allowing the fifty thousand dollars to be donated to the International Rescue Committee.


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