International Traders: Company Profile, Vision and Mission

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Table of Contents

  • Industry Profile
  • Company Profile
  • Introduction
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Scope of the Report
  • Marketing Plans

Industry Profile

The Handloom is the most significant industry of India in terms of offering employment to backward and down trodden people while maintaining the heritage and diversified culture of the country. It also contributes well to export sector. As it can be observed from the origin and past glory of the handloom industry, it may be better termed as a time- honored cottage industry as no other country in this entire world has preserved and upheld this ancient craft in such pure form as India does.

The evidences and recent successes reflects the magnificence role of handloom industry in country’s economy since a very long time. Many historians and excavation work presented the old picture of hand weaving.

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The western imperial Gazetteer of India explained the way how India is the oldest cotton-producing centre of the world; it was famous in the world for its craftsmanship in cotton weaving and dyeing. India had also earned a prominent name for itself in the art of cloth printing in every possible texture and pattern.

Old-age Handloom industry in India has passed through several historical and political developments. In this project, an attempt has been made to study the origin, historical growth and development of handloom sector.

In 1948, the then Chief Minister of the composite Madras state C. Rajagopalachari, announced a reservation policy for handloom products. Thus the notification of cotton control order 1948 under section 3, of the Essential Commodities Act was declared. By this cotton control Act, certain items like sari and dhotis were legally prohibited from producing by mills, and these items were exclusively reserved for handloom industries with effect from 1950.

In 2001 National Centre for Textile Design (NCTD) was established in Handloom Pavilion, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi to promote the contemporary and traditional patterns/designs to enable the textile sector, particularly the Handloom industries, to be responsive to the rapidly changing market demand and could produce fresh products for the masses.

After noticing a regression of 2% in the financial year 2016, the handloom exports are believed to increase by 4% to $40 billion in the financial year of 2017, operated with the assumption of tremendous growth in the handloom sector. Apart from the apparel section, the handloom exports is also expected to grow in other textile made-ups and home décor furnishing items. The handloom industry recruits about 20 million people directly and 30 million people indirectly from all over INDIA. India's annual exports during the year 2015-16 were $30 billion. Handloom Industry is proved to be the highest employer while providing endless employment opportunities to the masses. The handloom market in India is determined to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.8% to reach $180 billion by 2025.

Company Profile

Based in Panipat, International Traders is a prominent manufacturer, Wholesaler/Distributor and exporter of Home Furnishing Products. Founded in September 1990 by Neeraj Sharma and R.K. Sharma, International Traders works to perfection in order to match the global quality standard. Working as sole proprietorship, production unit of this company is spread over 78000 sq. ft. Equipped with 150 tufting machines and 170 handloom machines, most advanced techniques are used to deliver the best products. Production lead time varies from 70-75 days for the first order and around 60 days for repeat order.

Some of their products include Mattresses, Carpets, Sofa, Towels, Quilts, and blankets. They work on a strong marketing network with a healthy experience of more than 20 years.

Annual turnover of International Traders is continously increasing year by year. As compared to annual turnover in 2012-13 i.e. USD 1.2 million, it reached to a whooping number of USD 2.2 million in 2016-17.

Bank of India works as the transaction intermediary for all the internatioal payments. International traders is certified by SEDEX APPRoVED which is a recognised export house by Government of India. International Traders aim to build a niche for itself in a diversified market base for clientele including homes, offices, retail outlets, hotels, restaurants & much more.


Founded in 1990, International Traders has quickly become one of the leading suppliers in the Home Furnishing Industry out of Panipat. With more than 28 years of industry experience, owners Neeraj Sharma and R.K. Sharma started International Traders. . our goal is to deliver best quality products at competitive prices with customer oriented philosophy.

It is engaged in manufacturing of handloom products offering high quality Rugs , Bath Mats,Made Ups& Carpets. The annual turnover for the year 2014-2015 was USD 1.5 million and for the year 2016-2017 was USD 2.2 million.

International traders started with a few simple goals:

  • ​Provide innovative products.
  • ​Create fashion-forward home furnishings with their expert designers.
  • ​Maintain unparalleled total merchandise value with a cost effective business model.
  • ​Engage in first-rate customer service for our overseas buyers.


To achieve market leadership by providing excellent quality, diverse products of high professional standards.


To maintain consistent development in providing high quality products keeping customer requirements in mind.

Scope of the Report

This report has been prepared through conversation with the employees and staff of the company. Few facts were collected from the general meetings that were held with the employees . I grasped what all i could on the working of the company.

Marketing Plans

International Traders basically practice B2B marketing i.e. business to business marketing wherein, they market its products to other businesses not the end consumers. The company markets itself through exhibitions and trade fairs where they meet a large no. of potential buyers globally, as it is the best platform to market itself. Also it helps us in reviewing what all is going on in the handloom market and if not we need to make changes.

Marketing plan for International Traders include increasing the number of trade shows, more involvement in the exhibition, and conferences. The company also markets itself in various trade conferences and fairs that happen across India as well as Internationally, for example the International Exhibition on Textile Industry held in China, Heimtextil India held in Pragati Maidan Delhi and Domotex held in Germany annually are also attended by us. The company per se doesn't have a marketing plan but follows the traditional marketing techniques like-

  1. Distributing samples to potential buyers which gives it a personal touch.
  2. Giving advertisements in various trade related magazines like technical textile, texincon, journal for textile research etc.
  3. Putting up stalls in trade fairs and international exhibitions offering samples to potential buyers; giving information regarding the products.
  4. Referrals i.e. mouth publicity are the main source of marketing to the domestic buyers.
  5. Industrial tour for the buyers so that they get to see how everything works out personally.
  6. The association known as The Textile Association of India has authorised agents which give information to potential buyers regarding various suppliers.

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